Do you want to download YouTube media and save it on your Dropbox so that you can access it anywhere anytime? If so, then there’s no better way than using Snappea Online Platform and Snappea for Android. These are two YouTube to Dropbox platforms for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows users. Dive in and start exploring how to convert YouTube to Dropbox.

Part 1. Android YouTube to Dropbox Converter
Part 2. Online YouTube to Dropbox Converter

Part 1. Android YouTube to Dropbox Converter

youtube to dropbox
Snappea for Android is an app for Android users. It is simpler for Android users to just download this app and save media on phone in minutes.
Here are some features of Snappea for Android app:

  • You can download media from not only YouTube but various other platforms like DailyMotion.
  • These files can be downloaded in MP3 and MP4 formats. You get this option before hitting download.
  • There’s a night mode, which helps you download and stream media even in the dark. Your eyes won’t start hurting.
  • The picture-in-picture mode is simply amazing, as it helps you visit other apps when still using Snappea.
    The process of downloading YouTube to Dropbox through the Snappea app:

    Step 1: Download YouTube To Dropbox Converter

    To download videos to Dropbox, you need to first download Snappea.
    After downloading the APK file, click on it and install it on your phone.
    When you are receiving an error during this action, just go to your Settings and turn on Unknown Apps Download.
    youtube to dropbox

    Step 2: Download Media

    After downloading the Snappea app, you can search for videos on Snappea.
    Here what you can do:

  • Explore the Hot Chart.
  • Search for a video.
    youtube to dropbox
  • Go to More and find YouTube to directly search on it.
  • Paste a link from YouTube.
    After finding the video, hit the Download arrow and wait for options. From the options, select the size and resolution.
    youtube to dropbox

    Step 3: Send to Dropbox

    Now, find these downloaded files in My Files and drag to drop in Dropbox. That’s all!

    Part 2. Online YouTube to Dropbox Converter

    youtube to dropbox
    Snappea Online Downloader
    Snappea Online Downloader is a YouTube Dropbox converter, which was designed with the aim of allowing unlimited media access to users. Let’s see some features of this Dropbox YouTube converter.

  • The platform contains a search bar, where you can find YouTube media directly. Either use a keyword or a YouTube link to download media.
  • You can download data and video files in MP4 as well as in MP3. This option is given before downloading.
  • There’s no need to watch a video to use this platform as it is user-friendly. You can figure out the functioning automatically.
  • It is amazing that all these features are fully free. You don’t need to spend any money on using or downloading media.
    The process of downloading YouTube to Dropbox from Snappea platform:

    Step 1: Open YouTube Converter To Dropbox

    Firstly, open Snappea Online Downloader.
    On the website, there’s no hassle or complex functions. You can start using the search bar without even signing up.
    youtube to dropbox

    Step 2: Download Media

    There are three ways to find videos:

  • Check the Hot Chart.
  • Paste a link copied from YouTube’s video.
  • Use a keyword that you may have used on YouTube.
    youtube to dropbox
    After finding the video, click on download, select the resolution and type, and download it on your computer or iPhone.
    youtube to dropbox

    Step 3: Send to Dropbox

    From your iPhone or computer, open the Dropbox app or web app. Drag the video files from the Downloads folder and drop it in Dropbox.

    Snappea is easy and user-friendly. You can use it for downloading and streaming any number of videos. Visit our website for more details.

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