What’s the fun if you don’t know how to download Full HD MP4 songs in this world where the display tech of smartphones is getting crazier every day? Yes, nowadays, smartphones are coming with displays that can show up to 1 Billion colour combinations and can melt your eyes with smoothness by using the 120Hz Refresh rate tech. Now, such tech requires you tƒo download MP4 Video songs in extreme HD quality and enjoy their true value. However, getting such high-quality video songs is not easy. And that’s exactly why we are here to help you with this blog. Go through this blog, and find out the best way to get MP4 song download for free.

Part 1: How Can I Download HD MP4 Video Songs 
Part 2: Where Can I Download MP4 Songs for Free

Part 1: How Can I Download HD MP4 Video Songs

If you want to download mp4 songs, then you first need to understand that there are a great many ways to download HD video songs. There are ways through which you can pay and legally stream or download video songs. Some platforms allow you to watch a great variety of video content for free, such as YouTube, but they don’t let you download these videos on your Android phone. Then there are few websites and tool that illegally provide you with the ripped-off versions of these video songs. However, using such illegal websites might cause harm to your device, as there is always a possibility of malware attack and data theft. In midst of all these, there are few apps and tools that let you download MP4 video songs for free from YouTube and other apps, and that too without any risk of Malware attack or illegal act. Now, it’s up to you to decide through which way you prefer to download your favourite video songs.

1.1 Snappea for Android – Best MP4 Song Download App

Now, if you are wondering which are those apps that let you download MP4 video songs for free, that too legally. Well, let us introduce you to Snappea for Android, one of such apps that lets you download HD video songs for free and legally with no risk of any kind whatsoever. Snappea for Android is one of the best apps if you want to download HD videos and songs from YouTube, or other apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Like, or anywhere from the Web.

Snappea for Android Download

By taking help from Snappea for Android, you’ll only need to follow a couple of steps, and you’ll be able to download your favourite video songs. Also, the best thing about Snappea for Android is the quality of the HD videos. Yes, Snappea for Android not only provide you MP4 Video songs to download in super HD quality, but it also lets you choose the quality in which you want to download or stream your songs. You can choose from various video qualities such as 240p, 360p, 420p, 720p, and 1080p. Thus, with so many great qualities, the Snappea for Android app fulfils all of your requirements of downloading best HD video songs.

1.2 MP4 Video Songs Free Download with Snappea for Android

It’s always more convenient to have mp4 songs downloaded on your Android phone rather than streaming them every time you wish to see a music video. However, the process of mp4 songs free download is never easy and straightforward due to websites being extremely bloated with ads and malware. Thus, using Snappea for Android to download HD video songs is the best option for you. Snappea for Android provides you with an easy-to-use platform to download all kinds of Video from various platforms. You can either use Snappea for Android by searching for the videos songs you want to download in the app itself. Or, you can copy the link of video songs you want to download from the respective app and paste it in the Snappea for Android.

Carefully follow all the steps given below to download mp4 HD Songs:

Before initiating the process of downloading mp4 songs using Snappea for Android, you’ll need to download and Install Snappea for Android on your Android.

Download & Install:

Access any browser on your Android phone, and go to the official website of Snappea for Android. As soon as you’ll open the Snappea for Android website, you’ll find a “Download” button on the top of the Homepage. Click the download button and make sure the APK files are downloading.background music downloadOnce the files are downloaded, go to the downloaded APK file on your Android and click on it to initiate the installation process. On the installation tab, please allow all the necessary permissions, and then click on the “Install” button to finish the installation of Snappea for Android on your Android phone.

Step 1. Copy the MP4 Song Link

When you are on the mp4 video song that you want to download from Youtube, Like, Tiktok, Instagram, or any such app, you need to copy the URL of the video from that app. Once you have copied the video link, you need to launch the Snappea for Android on your Android.

Step 2. Paste the URL in the Snappea for Android

Now, once you are on the Snappea for Android, you need to paste the copied URL of video song on the search bar at the top of the Home tab, and then click on the Search Icon. Snappea for Android will browse through the link and will present you with the mp4 video song that you want to download.

Step 3: Download, and enjoy the MP4 HD video songs offline

Now, once you have the video song on Snappea for Android, you can click on the “Download” button in front of the listed video. You will see a “Download Video as:” section with various video and audio quality options listed. Choose the audio quality you need and then click on the “Download” button that appears.

mp3 songs download

Tip: If you want to save the hassle of copying a link from other apps and pasting it in Snappea for Android, you can do that too. With the help of Snappea for Android, you can directly search for any mp4 video song you want to free download from various apps, without any need to copy the link of the video from another app.

Part 2: Where Can I Download MP4 Songs for Free

Other than Snappea for Android, which should be your pick in whatever the case is, there are hundreds of websites from where you can download MP4 songs. To make your work easy, we have listed a few websites from where you can download MP4 songs. Most of these listed websites are safe to access and are secure to download songs from. However, not all of them are as straight forward to use as others. Some might confuse you with their unsorted playlist, and some might not have the updated collection.

1. Torrentz

One of the best ways to download MP4 songs is to do it through torrent. And to access torrent, there’s no better site then Torrentz. Torrentz is extremely popular among the community that prefers to download HD songs via torrent. Through Torrentz, you can search for the video songs of your choice to download and enjoy. Torrentz doesn’t only have collection worth of one site, but it can direct you to a working torrent link anywhere on the Web.

2. Video9.in

What’s great about Video9 is the easy navigation system it provides. With Video9, you can easily search for any MP4 songs you want to listen or download, there’s no hassle at all. Also, the music collection of Video9 is big enough to not let down the lovers of any genre, any language and any Era. With Video9, you can download as many songs as you wish for free.

3. MYMP4.in

With MY MP4, searching and downloading MP4 songs is super easy and barely inconvenient. As soon as you get on the Home page of the website, you’ll get a Search Panel to search for the HD Video songs that you want to download. There are very fewer efforts required, and you’ll be able to download all the songs for free.

4. DJMaza

DJMaza is extremely popular around the globe, and the main reason behind its popularity is the quality of the Songs and Videos. You can simply download the Video songs or mp3 songs and you’ll get the whole another class of audio and video quality compared to other websites. Also, the collection of HD Video songs on DJMaza is huge. You can download the new MP4 songs from various genres, regions and years.

5. WebHD,in

As soon as you’ll browse to WebHD.in, you’ll come to know the best thing about the site is its user-friendly nature. It’s really very easy to surf through this website and search for your favourite songs. This site has almost all the basic features that you might need while accessing a site to download MP4 songs. The collection of songs is also good enough to satisfy your need. And similar to all the other listed sites, you can download unlimited HD Video songs from WebHD.in for free.

6. Mobi44

If you want a site that offers you more than just Video songs, then Mobi44 is the website for you. This site has a decent collection for MP4 songs, and also a decent UI to keep your task of downloading songs hassle-free. However, the USP of the site is that it provides you with multiple services. From Mobi44, you can check live score or sports, you can download ringtones, wallpapers, E-books, etc. And every service, including the downloading of HD songs, is free on this website.

There are a few websites that you can use to download MP4 video songs with very little hassle. However, if you want to have all the control in your hand while downloading, such as the selection of quality, the feature to download video belonging to any app, and being able to download in just three clicks, then you should go with Snappea for Android at once to download HD MP4 video songs.

For PC and iPhone users, go to Snappea Online Downloader

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