When you have an IDM bar on your Google Chrome, it helps you speed up downloads on your browser. However, many people complain of IDM bar not showing in YouTube Google Chrome. To solve this issue, we have found the best alternative. You don’t need to download or use your IDM bar on Chrome for YouTube. It is possible to directly visit the Snappea platform when IDM not showing on YouTube in Chrome. Let’s see how:

Part 1. Alternative to IDM Bar
Part 2. Comparison Between Snappea Online Downloader and IDM Bar

Part 1. Alternative to IDM Bar

Snappea Online Downloader is a web platform by Mobiuspace. They have created this online platform to help users when they are facing the issue IDM not working in Chrome YouTube.
idm bar not showing in youtube google chrome
Snappea Online Downloader
Some features of Snappea Online Downloader:

  • Snappea Online Downloader is a web platform, which helps you save videos from YouTube.
  • You can simply go to the website and utilize a term to download videos. It is also possible to paste URLs from YouTube to achieve the same.
  • This platform has a Hot Chart to help users find the most popular choices of other users. This makes the decision simpler.
  • You can download media in MP4 and MP3 formats in various resolutions. Just explore this option before downloading.
  • The platform is free. There is no charge. You can download multiple files without any restriction.
  • Snappea not only works for phone users but also iPhone, Windows, and Mac users. Any device user can utilize Snappea Online Downloader.

Check how you can use Snappea platform when IDM YouTube video download problem Chrome occurs.

Step 1: Open Snappea Online Downloader

The first step is to just open Snappea Online Downloader. The website is the platform, so you can start using it immediately.
If my IDM is not working on YouTube in Chrome, you don’t need it, as Snappea will help you save media quickly enough.
idm bar not showing in youtube google chrome

Step 2: Download Videos

Once on the website, you can access the Snappea search bar instead of the IDM bar. This search bar helps you overcome the issue of IDM not downloading YouTube videos in Chrome.
Here are the ways you can use to find videos:
idm bar not showing in youtube google chrome

  • Check the Hot Chart. It is the best and quickest way to download videos.
  • You can use a term or keyword in search. This will offer results related to the term.
  • You can select from the options.
  • You can also use the same term on YouTube and bring the copied URL back to Snappea for downloading.
  • After finding the video you like, don’t turn to IDM bar. Just click on the Download arrow and select the resolution and type. Wait for the video to process and enjoy it.

Isn’t it the easiest fix for IDM is not working on YouTube Google Chrome?

Part 2. Comparison Between Snappea Online Downloader and IDM Bar

If you are wondering why you should use Snappea when IDM not showing download option YouTube in Google Chrome, then read on:

  • Snappea is fast. Users don’t even have to download this platform, so it is really quick.
  • The platform is user-friendly. There are no complex steps and elements. Just visit the website and you’ll know how to proceed automatically.
  • You can directly look for videos in Snappea. There’s no need to go to another website, which saves you time.
  • Snappea is free of charge. There’s nothing that you need to pay to use this app.
  • Snappea Online Downloader is the best way to avoid errors in IDM bar. Just visit the website and start using Snappea for unlimited entertainment.

updated by on 3月 05, 2021

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