Telugu is a language that is the national language of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is an Indian state that is famous for its music, dance, and creativity. Telugu music is of high quality and is for those who live in music every single day.

Telugu music is listened to and made particularly in India by the Bollywood film industry. Telugu songs are specifically made for the movies. You must have listened to Telugu songs and music and want to download them to set it as your ringtones but find it difficult to find them.

Telugu music is special because its instruments are very traditional and are hundreds of years old. This is the reason that it is much loved and people are attracted to it. Another great thing about Telugu songs is that every song makes you happy and uplifting. There are a lot of apps from where you can get it. In this article, we will help you to get Telugu DJ songs  download for free. If you want to hear a couple of songs, we will recommend you to visit Snappea for Android.]

Part 1: Which is the best site to download Telugu DJ songs?
Part 2: What is the best app for Telugu DJ songs download?
Part 3: How to download Telugu DJ songs to Android?

Part 1: Which is the best site to download Telugu DJ songs?

There are a lot of chances that people will start to hear a lot more Telugu songs right now with the rise in Indian culture in different fields. Indeed Indian Industry and cinematography require a little attention, so we should give them support and listen to them. The people who love to listen to Telugu songs find it difficult to download them. They first find out the movie to download the ringtone

  • Here are some websites where you can download Telugu songs.

Teluguwap is a website which has all music collection. You can download various Telugu songs such as old or classic from this website.

Naa songs are a website of India from where you can easily download Telugu songs. It offers a bulk of the latest and old songs from 1986 to the present.

Cinegaana is a quality source to download Telugu songs. But it is difficult to operate and download this website.

Gaana is the easiest solution for you to download all your music needs. It offers unlimited songs to download.

Music India Online offers different types of Telugu music.

Part 2: What is the best app for Telugu DJ songs download?

Snappea for Android is a one-step solution to download and stream all kinds of music. For example, Telugu DJ songs download naa songs 2019, Bollywood movie songs, popular music, etc.
You can easily download your favorite songs from this website without the need of switching between different websites.

Go ahead and download Snappea for Android right away by click on the below button to enjoy the latest Telugu Snappea android

Telugu allows you to find, listen to, and download your favorite Telugu songs with a user-friendly interface.

Part 3: How to download Telugu DJ songs to Android?

There are many websites from where you can download Telugu DJ songs but Snappea for Android is the best app. You need to follow the following steps to download the Snappea for Android.

Step1: Download and Install the Snappea for Android app

You need to install the app if you want to enjoy the best features of this app. You cannot find Snappea for Android on Google play store because it is not available there. But you don’t need to worry about that. We have an alternative way to download Snappea for Android. You can download it from Google. Just click the below button to get Snappea for Android download on your Android phone.Snappea for Android 01

It is necessary to do some changes on your phone before you start downloading it. Open Settings of your Android phone and enable the downloading options from unknown sources. Then a security notification will pop up. You need to click on yes. This app is 100% safe, so don’t afraid to click on yes; it will not harm your phone. You will get an APK version of the file, open this file, click on the button to start download it.

Step2: Search Telugu songs

Now you have a choice to search your favorite songs to download them. A search bar will appear on the front page of the Snappea for Android app. Type your favorite song in the search bar. For example, Telugu DJ songs download; Telugu DJ songs download 2018, etc.
Similarly, Snappea for Android offers various other platforms to download songs. Such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, etc. You can download songs from these social platforms on Snappea for Android.

Step3: Download Telugu songs

Once you have found your favorite Telugu songs, your next step will be to download it. You will see the download option at the lower right corner of the app. You should visit the details of the song before you start downloading it. This app also offers a lot of resolution options. Many options are available from 122p to 4k HD. Snappea for Android allows you to download songs in mp3 and mp4 format and allows you to set these songs as ringtones.


Telugu songs are loved by most of the people but they find it difficult to download the songs. Most of the websites are scammers and they can harm your data. In this article, we have discussed about the safest source to download Telugu songs. Snappea for Android is an amazing app with a friendly user interface.

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