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Are you a fan of old music and would like to do some old songs MP3 download on your phone or computer? Well, consider this as your lucky day, as I’m going to help you perform old songs MP3 free download on your smartphones and computers alike. Without much ado, let’s learn how to do the best old songs MP3 download for free on any platform.

Part 1: The Best Old Songs MP3 Download Option
Part 2: Snappea Online vs. Snappea Android
Part 3: Download on iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux

Part 1: Snappea for Android: The Best Old Songs MP3 Download Option

Android users can take the assistance of Snappea for Android to do old sad songs MP3 free download. You can directly load any YouTube video to Snappea for Android’s interface, and its audio would be extracted. Not just that, you can also do the best old songs MP3 download from several other platforms and sources for free.

Step 1: Install the Snappea for Android app

Firstly, you can just go to the Snappea website, download the APK of the app, and let your browser install it.

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Step 2: Go to YouTube to find any old song’s video

To do any old hit MP3 song download, you can first head to YouTube (app or website) and browse it to find any old music video song.

old movie mp3 song download

Step 3: Get the old music video’s URL

Now, you can just tap on the share icon (below the video player) to copy the URL to the clipboard.

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Step 4: Load the old music video on Snappea

Whenever you want to do the old MP3 download, just launch the Snappea app, and submit the link on the search bar.

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Step 5: Select a preferred format to save the MP3 file

Wait for a while for the YouTube video to be loaded, tap on the download icon, and select MP3 as the target format.

Step 6: Complete the old songs MP3 download

Lastly, tap on the download icon again and wait as the old hit songs MP3 download would be completed by the app.

Part 2: Snappea Online vs. Snappea Android

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Part 3: Use Snappea Online to do Old Songs MP3 Download on iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux

Besides Android, you can also use the online version of Snappea to also do old sad song MP3 free download. You can access this online tool on any device or browser for free and save the YouTube video in different formats or sizes.

free mp3 songs download sites

Step 1: Go to YouTube to search for any old song

To save your time, you can first go to the YouTube app or its website to find any old song that you want to download.

mp3 songs free download websites

Step 2: Get the URL of the old song’s music video

Afterward, just load the music video and go to its address bar (or tap on the share icon) to copy its link.

best free mp3 download sites

Step 3: Load the music video on Snappea online

Now, you can visit the official website of Snappea online and submit the URL that you copied before to do the old songs MP3 download.

best free mp3 music download sites

Step 4: Select MP3 as the desired format

Once the video is loaded, check the supported formats and bit-rate options, and just select MP3 as the preferred format.

free mp3 music download websites

Step 5: Complete the old song’s MP3 download

Simply click on the download button now and maintain a stable internet connection as the MP3 song would be saved offline.

As you can see, with the help of Snappea online or its Android app, you can do unlimited old songs MP3 downloads, and that too for free.

updated by irene on Apr 17, 2021

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