There’s no knowing when the mood strikes you, and you want to hear sad songs to get your feeling back on track. You’ll be working in your home, or driving home, and WHAM. All of a sudden, you want to belt out the lyrics and download sad songs mp3. All you should do is to get sad songs mp3 download, and you will feel better.

Feeling sad is not that bad for your health. You can enjoy your favorite sad songs mp3 download when you are feeling depressed. While it’s not healthy to stay in an anxious mood forever, sittings with your feelings are very important.

We know that it can be one heck of trouble finding the most reliable mp3 download sites and Mp3 sad song mp3 music. So if you are looking for a solution to download sad songs mp3, we have got you covered.

To save your time from the hassle of hovering over a lot of sad song mp3 download sites, today, we will reveal you the best and new sad songs mp3 2017 and 2018. That you can enjoy all your favorite romantic and sad songs, so let’s get started.

Part 1: The 20 Sad Song MP3 Files of all Time
Part 2: Sad Song MP3 Download with the Best Music Downloader – Snappea

Part 1: The 20 Sad Song MP3 Files of all Time

Here are our picks of 20 sad songs of all time.

1.Joy Division “Love will tear us apart”: Sorry, Morrissey. Joy Division was one of the first to bring tempo and emotions together with the hit from 1980. This song is a blend of sadness and happiness at the same time.
2.Bonnie Raitt “I can’t make you love me”: Bonnie Raitt captured the essence of a loveless relationship in this ballad from the 90s. It’s a beautiful song from the 90s.
3.Phil Collins “I Wish it would Rain Down”: This song has one of the weirdest videos on the list, the temptations in this song adds the 80s power ballad vibe we all love as well.
4.Harry Nilsson “Without you”: Badfinger first released this song, but later it was perfected by Harry Nilsson. It’s a beautiful mixture of a slower tempo and higher register vocals.
5.Joni Mitchell “Both sides Now”: This song is a beautiful story of disillusion and heartbreak through soaring vocals and masterful lyrics.
6.The Cure “Pictures of You”: If you want to feel like the lead in a romantic comedy, this is a song that makes you think in the 80s with the iconic hit from the cure.
7.The Beatles “Yesterday”: Sometimes, simple, sad lyrics are all you need. This is the tragic song you would like to have on your smartphone. This song is a combination of guitar and violin lyrics that lifts the emotional state.
8.R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts”: R.E.M. embodies the sadness and loneliness with its slower track from Automatic for the people. This song does understand how hard breakups a hit.
9.Johnny Cash “Hurt”: This song has an element of sadness that only Cash can portray, by tweaking the melody and replacing the reverberating effects with acoustic instruments.
10.Halsey “Bad at Love”: This song is a beautiful love mp3 sad song, and it gives you the best experience of emotions and ringtone


11.Celine Dion “My Heart will go on”: This song has spent a significant amount of time in top-rated songs because of its excellent composition and lyrics.
12.Adele “When we were Young”: This song is all about first love, high school love, it’s a beautiful composition by Adele.
13.Taylor Swift “Forever and always”: This is a beautiful breakup song by Taylor Swift. It was part of Taylor Swift’s early repertoire.
14.Taylor Swift, “Death by A Thousand Cuts”: Breaking up with your loved ones is always hard, especially from those you once called yours.
15.Halsey “You should be Sad”: This is a sad love song with a touch of anger on top. This song can be a perfect choice for you.
16.Harry Styles “From the Dining Table”: This song has a great touch of loneliness and sadness. You can download this song from Snappea for Android.
17.Ben Platt “River”: Whether you are finding new sad song mp3 2018 or downloading mp3 sad songs 2017, this beautiful song is undoubtedly for you.
18.Lady Gaga “I’ll Never Love Again”: It’s a great song from the movie A Star is Born. It’s a beautiful mp3 sad song.
19.Hamilton “Burn”: It’s sad hip-hop song. Its heart-wrenching and soulful ballad can make anyone twinge with sadness at the anger spouting from Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton.
20.Eminem “Mockingbird”: This song is about the love of your parents. It’s about being the child of divorced parents is very hard and painful.

Part 2: Sad Song MP3 Download with the Best Music Downloader – Snappea

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