Have you ever heard the same song you listen to everyday on your phone on a different phone, and discovered that the same song is so much more enjoyable? The difference, you don’t have to be told, is better audio quality.

In another note, YouTube downloaders have come to stay as an alternative source for getting music files since YouTube and most streaming sites don’t allow direct downloads. With YouTube downloaders, there’s also the provision for downloading songs ad videos in different formats.

With a song of better sound quality, there will always be a larger dose of clarity and focus, as well as envelopment dynamics and the listener’s perception of lyrics. All in all, song formats play a huge role in the value of entertainment people get from music, which is why there has been such a big buzz around music lovers for YouTube downloader mp3 320kbps.

Part 1: 320kbps VS 128kbps mp3?
Part 2: Top 6 YouTube downloader mp3 320kbps recommended

Part 1: 320kbps VS 128kbps mp3?

Audio files are mostly formatted as mp3 files, whether it’s for streaming or storage. With the data compression method used for mp3s, the main advantage is usually the fact that mp3 audio file downloads don’t take up too much space. While the popular encoding software used allow users to choose their bit rates, data is actually lost while compressing these files.download ringtone

Therefore, a 128kbps file will lose a lot of data when it is being compressed from a 320kbps file. Of course, most people will turn to the 128kbps files because they take up so little space in the device’s storage. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of elusive background vocals and instruments. If you use a great device with excellent speakers, the gap in quality can be made up for, but YouTube to mp3 downloads in 320kbps are the perfect answers to that issue, even though storing the files might be a big headache.

Part 2: Top 6 YouTube downloader mp3 320kbps recommended

Even though it has been established that getting YouTube to mp3 download online in 320kbps is the way to go, actually getting the files might be a big problem. Which, as said earlier, is why YouTube downloaders have really taken up center-stage among apps in demand. Among the popular YouTube downloaders for mp3s in 320kbps out there, the following six really take the cake for providing the best downloading experience.

1. Snappea for Android

While it is known for its convenience and ser-friendliness, Snappea for Android is probably the best app in existence for extracting videos and mp3 songs that are embedded in websites. Interestingly enough, that’s just one of many features that has many Snappea for Android climb to the very peak of fame as a YouTube downloader for mp3s in 320kbps.snaptube


  • Best Download engine for extracting video embedded in stream-only sites like Facebook, twitter, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Security verified by McAfee, CM Security and Lookout Security
  • Create your playlist for subsequent downloads
  • YouTube to 320kbps mp3 download
  • Download from more than a hundred streaming websitesdownload Snappea android

2. ytmp3eu

When it comes to premium sound quality, ytmp3eu set a niche for itself as a unique YouTube mp3 downloader online in 320kbps by extracting mp3s for songs in only the best 320kbps quality. It works as a converter with extra features like a Stereo expander with additional audio effects.


  • Stereo expander packs quite the punch for amplifying the quality
  • Not big on download speed, but deliver the best quality for the audio downloaded
  • Additional audio effects like the trimmer help to personalize downloaded tunes
  • YouTube video to mp3 conversion takes a few seconds
  • Useable for only YouTube

3. Listenvid

Listenvid takes a little longer than Snappea for Android to convert YouTube videos to mp3s, but that is just by a few seconds. Listenvid provides YouTube to mp3 download in 320kbps, 256kbps and 128kbps, each to cater for users that prefer one audio quality or the other because of the sound quality or the size of the media.

  • It is right up there with the very best YouTube downloaders for mp3s in 320kbps and other formats when it comes to conversion
  • Listenvid also allows users to edit, trim and even rename their downloaded files
  • Works on every type of device

4. YouTubetoMP3

This is an online tool that allows you to go about YouTube online mp3 downloads in 320kbps without the need of a software. This is a great tool to have in mind for when you’re stuck without your own device to use your YouTube downloaders for mp3s in 320kbps.


  • Has no restrictions on the conversions and downloads
  • It supports more websites like Facebook, Dailymotion and Vimeo etc.
  • Google Drive or Dropbox integration

5. YTformp3

This tool is simple in its essence since it is mainly used for conversion of videos to mp3. You can also use it to download the videos directly, but the bulk of its appeal lies in the fact that you can do YouTube to mp3 download in 320kbps format.


  • Simple process for use
  • No limits on conversions
  • Works on all devices adequately
  • No software provided

6. Mp3Convert.io

This tool never alters the quality of the file when it converts the files from YouTube to mp3 for download in 320kbps format. Also, it supports high quality video downloads in quality reaching 1080p.

  • Interface is easy to navigate
  • It is for YouTube to mp3s download in 320kbps online, no app is provided.
  • Supports up to 1080p video downloads
  • No ads

Part 3: How to download YouTube mp3 320kbps to android?

Snappea for Android stands tall as the ultimate YouTube to mp3 downloading in 320kbps format tool. At the same time, it can be used to get the highest quality videos to your storage device. It is powerful enough to extract mp3s and videos from any links you open in the app, while still being lightweight enough to keep your phone smoothly without any hitches.
The app’s download engine is not intelligent enough to extract these files alone, but it also delivers the downloads at the fastest speeds. Snappea for Android also comes with a built-in media player and a media manager to monitor your device storage, and all of this is amazingly available for free. Add to that the fact the download, installation and use are easy enough to be done in the three steps below, and you can tell why it’s such a hot app.

Step 1: Download and Install the App

The very first move you have to make is to download and install the Snappea for Android app to your android device. Just go to First, go to its official site and click on the download button, or click on the link above and follow the steps listed there.download Snappea android

Know that you have to edit your android settings if you haven’t installed apps from external sources before. Just go to your phone’s security settings in the settings menu and ‘allow the installation of apps from unknown sources’ and affirm the warning protocol that follows. You can then install the freely downloaded Snappea for Android app and launch Snappea for Android.Snappea for Android

Step 2: Search YouTube mp3 320kbps files

With Snappea for Android, while you can copy and paste links like any other YouTube downloader, you can even browse YouTube or a thousand other websites for their videos in the ‘web’ tab of the app. Otherwise, you can simply search YouTube in the Snappea for Android app for the mp3 you’re looking for. Once you have seen the file you are looking for among the search results, select it to get to the details page.download-mp3

Step 3: Download YouTube mp3 320kbps files

Once you are in the details page of the song you want to download, you will see a download icon that you should click to get the different formats that the song is available in. based on the preferences you have, you should choose to get the YouTube to 320kbps mp3 download you want by selecting the ‘320kbps’ quality, and your YouTube mp3 320kbps files will be downloaded to you in seconds after that.

While you might have learnt different ways to get YouTube to mp3 downloads in 320kbps, the aforementioned Snappea for Android app obviously offers the ultimate experience for mp3 downloads in 320kbps. Once you get the Snappea for Android app, you can get an unlimited number of video downloads in 320kbps formats.

updated by wendy on Jul 08, 2020