If you are downloading ringtones or cutting them from favourite songs stored on your smartphone, one thing is common and that is a song. A song defines how you will go about downloading the ringtone. It is the ringtone of your device that provides you with a unique identity and often a style statement too.

But, choosing the right song for ringtone can be a tad difficult. Because there are a plethora of apps in the market to offer free downloads of stylish ringtones. So, here we are with some insight into what type of songs you can choose for ringtones on your smartphone and from where you can get such stylish ringtone download?

Part 1: What Songs are Best for Stylish Ringtones?
Part 2: What is the Best Android App for Downloading Stylish Ringtones?
Part 3: How Do I Download a Song for My Android Phone as a Ringtone?

Part 1: What Songs are Best for Stylish Ringtones?

Stylish ringtones depend on the liking of any user. Though there are different tones and categories of ringtones. Categories Jazz, classical, Alternate rock, pop, and dance are quite popular. So, if you are searching for the most stylish songs for your ringtones than here is a review of some stylish ringtones for your Android device.download Snappea android

The show must go on by Dinah Washington is an excellent ringtone that makes the Jazzy grove more stylish. You can make your smartphone more stylish through ringtones like A Night in Tunisia, After you have gone, and even with Little Jazz. It is soul-soothing music with some musical melody that makes your day! So choose this Jazzy music and have fun!

Do you like the groovy dancing number for your smartphone? Then dance numbers can be the best ringtones for your devices. Choose Say My Name from David Guetta or Promises from Sam smith. These dancing sensations can create the perfect ringtone fr your smartphones to make you dance every time someone calls. other dance numbers that you can try are carry on by Rita Ora, Electricity by Dua Lipa and some excellent EDM mixes by Alan Walker.

If you are a Pop fan then there is no way you will not go for a pop ringtone. Pop ringtones are one of the most stylish ringtones to download. Pop ringtones are the most downloaded ringtones today. Senorita by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes was one of the top 5 stylish ringtones in 2019 to download. Another pop sensation is the blinding lights by The Weeknd, it is an excellent ringtone that is both stylish and classy. ME! from Taylor Swift and Memories by Maroon 5 are great songs to for your ringtone.

Instrumental music is also popular in ringtones. Especially, instrumental guitars, flutes, piano, and saxophone are one of the most popular ringtones. Instrumental music is easy on the ears and makes beautiful ringtones.

If you are Alan Walker fan than his new single-” End of Time” can be your next stylish ringtone to download. Other electronic music trending in 2020 is Like it is by Tyga, Stupid Love by Lady Gaga, Greenlights by Krewella, and I’ll wait by Sasha Sloan. These electronic songs are trending and stylish songs. You can download them and set it as ringtones.

Remember the Natural by Demons, it was a great alternative song that made the list of top 5 stylish ringtones in 2018 to download. Happier by Marshmello was another great song for free stylish ringtone download in 2018.
But there are many alternative songs in 2020 that can make up for stylish ringtones. Pearl Jam’s dance of thee clairvoyants is another classic alternative for your ringtone. Currently, Bad Decisions by The Stokes is top trending alternative songs in 2020 for stylish ringtone download.

Part 2: What is the Best Android App for Downloading Stylish Ringtones?

If you are trying to find the best Android app to download free stylish ringtones totally free, then there is no better option than Snappea for Android. The app is totally free of charge and has no subscription for access to any advanced features. Snappea for Android offers great video and audio downloading features with the greatest collection of songs for your stylish ringtones.snaptube

Snappea for Android is also a source of free videos from Youtube. Youtube has a huge collection of videos and music. You can use Snappea for Android to download video and music from Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and several other websites.

The most interesting feature of Snappea for Android is that it helps users to save WhatsApp status on their app profiles. They can even share this saved status on their WhatsApp accounts.

Snappea for Android allows you to get the latest updates and news on the app itself. The app automatically integrated your subscribed channels and playlist from Youtube. So, you receive personalized content on your app. It is one of the best apps for stylish ringtone downloads.download Snappea android

Part 3: How Do I Download a Song for My Android Phone as a Ringtone?

Step 1: Download and install the app

If you want to use Snappea for Android for free download of stylish ringtones then you need to download the app and install it on your device. The first step to installing the app is to download the apk file from the official website of Snappea for Android. Once you download the file you can install the app through the one-click install. But, before you install the app, you need to allow your Android device to install an app from “unknown source”.Snappea for Android


  • Snappea for Android is not directly available on the Google Play store and that is the reason you need to download the APK file.
  • Android operating system denies installation of applications from “unknown sources”. For Android devices, any application installed from other sources than Google Play store is known as “unknown sources”. To allow your device for the installation of Snappea for Android, you need to access the settings of your device. There you need to access the security tab and allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Snappea for Android is a secure and verified app to download and install on your device.download Snappea android

Step 2: Search stylish ringtone

To download and set the best stylish ringtones for your device, you can leverage the search features of Snappea for Android. The app provides a dedicated Youtube tab to search songs on it. While you can always use the Youtube search bar to search for songs. It is easy like searching for any song on Google search bar. You need to search the song by typing the songs name or any other relative information into the search bar. The app will show a relative recommendation of the song.Snappea for Android

Tips: If you don’t find the song in the recommendations, then Snappea for Android provides three different options. One option is Youtube playlists related to your search. Another option is choosing a channel from multiple channels in the Youtube channel list, and last is a web browsing option to find a song on the search engine. You need to select the option you like from the given recommendations and then download the music that you like.

Step 3: Download stylish ringtone

Once you select the song you want to download, you can click on the download button provided on the page where your song is streaming. You can enjoy the song streaming or else start the download. As you click on the download button you will receive options for audio file formats. Choose the format you want to download and add your favourite songs to my files section of the app.download youtube audio

Note: Lark Player is a free music and video player available on Google Play store. The app allows you to play music and songs on Snappea for Android. To set a ringtone on the Lark player app, you need to access the songs stored in your v from Lark Player. It automatically integrates all the files saved in Snappea for Android.

Tips: Lark player can be used as a music player too with an advanced equalizer and easy to use interface. So, once you click on the option given with the song, you will find an option of “Set as ringtone”. As you do that, your favourite song will become the most stylish ringtone for your device.

A stylish ringtone can make your device more engaging and attractive. So, why choose a default ringtone of your device, when you can set your favourite songs as your ringtones. Whether you like Jazz, alternative, pop or dance, search the best music on Sanptube to download them.

You can easily use the Lark player app with Snappea for Android to use our favourite song as stylish ringtone. Download and install Snappea for Android today to experience real music. Set ringtones that are Mp3 or even M4A and add some flair to your device.

updated by wendy on May 17, 2020