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YouTube has various videos, which enables users to view and enjoy unlimited media, including movies, music, tutorials, etc. However, as a user, you can’t download these videos on your Android phone. To save YouTube videos, you need to use a YouTube movie downloader. Below we have created a list of apps that enable movie download in YouTube. Read on to explore how you can download movies from the YouTube link.
Part 1. Top 5 YouTube Movies Free Download Apps
Part 2. How to Download YouTube Movie Downloader

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube Movies Free Download Apps

1. Snappea for Android

Snappea for Android is the best app for YouTube movies free download. Using this app, you can download as many movies as you want for free.

  • Snappea app has joined hands with various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can save movies from all these platforms.
  • The app allows the saving of videos in various formats. If you want, then you can also download the MP3 in the desired quality.
  • It is amazing how you can multitask on this platform. It has a picture-in-picture mode, which enables you to explore other apps while using Snappea.
  • The app an in-built night mode which turns on when you are working in the dark. This helps in decreasing eye stress and strain.

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2. Keepvid

You can use the online platform of KeepVid or even download its app. In both cases, you have to paste a YouTube link to convert it into various formats and download the video on your Android phone.

3. Videoder

Videoder is an app for both Android and iPhone users. You simply need to download the app from the website, paste a YouTube URL, and download media to your Android phone or iPhone.

4. iDownloader

You can use iDownloader to download YouTube links to your iPhone. The app has minimal features, using which you can easily save movies to your iPhone.

5. YouTube Movie Downloader

You can download YouTube Movie Downloader from the link. After this, the app helps you download movies in various formats, such as MP3, MP4, AVI, etc.

Part 2. How to Download YouTube Movie Downloader

Snappea for Android is the best way for YouTube video movie download. Hence, we have explained the working of this application below. Dive in and start exploring.

Step 1: YouTube Movie Download Software

If you want to use Snappea for YouTube movie download, then download and install its app. Here’s the link. Open the browser of your phone, click on this link, and download the APK file.
Once the APK is on your phone, you can click on it and wait for it to install. After installing, the Snappea app will automatically open on your phone.
Now, you can start using it.
Note: When there’s an issue with the APK download, you can check the Security Settings of your phone. Enable Unknown Apps to download Snappea’s APK.
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Step 2: YouTube Full Movie Download

On the platform, you can search for any movie you want. Type the keyword for the movie and search to download it.
You can even go to YouTube from Snappea’s More option. Here, search the movie to download it.
Once you have the video that you need on your phone, click on the Download arrow. It will pop on your screen. In the next step, you will get options for the qualities and resolution. Select the relevant type to download a movie on your Android phone.
These movies will be available in the My Files folder of your phone.
Snappea for Android is the easiest and most feasible app. Download it now for unlimited entertainment.
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For PC and iPhone users, go to Snappea Online Downloader

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