How to download a YouTube video to my computer? If you are eager to know the solution, then you’ll be excited to hear that you’re in the perfect place! In this article, I’ll discuss some of the most useful YouTube video downloaders out there that you must try! I’ve tried these YouTube downloaders for myself and I can guarantee that you’ll have a great time using these programs. Be sure to read till the end of this article as I’ve got a secret tip for you that’ll prove to be extremely helpful for you while downloading YouTube videos. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into my list of the 5 best YouTube downloader apps for computer and the guide on how to free save videos from YouTube to computer.

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube Video Savers for Computer

Part 2. Download YouTube Video to Computer without Installing Any App

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube Video Savers for Computer

Take a look at each of the apps listed below and you might just discover the perfect program that works best for you.

1. Videoder

When we talk about apps to download YouTube videos to computer free, Videoder is one of the first program that comes to mind. Videoder is a free video downloader available for both Windows and Android devices. The best part about this app is that it allows you to download YouTube videos in qualities as high as 4K and from over 1000 unique video-sharing platforms. With Videoder, you get the best possible downloading speeds and conversion rates for your videos. Videoder gives you absolutely no reason to complain!

2. Airy

Airy is another great tool to free online download YouTube videos to computer. You get to avail several perks when using this app. First of all, it allows you to convert YouTube videos to a number of different formats including MP3, MP4, FLV, and others! Airy is available to download for Windows and Mac devices as of now. Airy is popularly known for its highly intuitive user interface. It’s simple functionality is what makes this tool such an ideal option for downloading YouTube videos.

3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is believed to be one of the best computer programs that allow you to save a YouTube video to your computer. 4K Video Downloader supports downloads from a number of different platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and more! 4K Video Downloader is currently only available for Windows. With this app, you can download individual videos as well as complete playlists to make bulk downloading much easier for you.

4. VideoProc

VideoProc is a more developed and extensive video downloading software with a number of unique features. VideoProc makes the process of downloading a YouTube video to your computer incredibly simple. Similar to Videoder, this app also allows you to download media from a number of different sites. VideoProc also provides video editing services including cutting, trimming, merging, rotating, and more!

5. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

The last YouTube downloader app for computer in this list is iTubeGo. iTubeGois right up there with most of the great YouTube video downloaders. It allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP4 as well as MP3 formats. Moreover, with this tool, you can also download complete playlists with a single click. Currently, iTubeGo is available for Windows and Mac.

Part 2. Download YouTube Video to Computer without Installing Any App

Don’t want to download any YouTube video downloading software? Don’t worry! I’ve got the perfect method for you. The Snappea Online Downloader is a web-based tool with which, you can download YouTube video to computer free without the need to download or install any program or software. Snappea Online Downloader is free to use and can get really helpful. With this tool, you can download any YouTube video is a single tap in the highest quality available. If you want to learn how you can download a YouTube video with Snappea Online Downloader, then follow the steps below.

download a video to computer

Snappea Online Downloader
  1. Launch your web browser and search for ‘Snappea Online Downloader’. Locate and open Snappea’s official site and you will be directed to the online downloader. You can also tap Snappea Online Downloader.
  2. Next, you need to find your video. For this, enter the relevant keywords for the video that you wish to download. Find and open your video from the suggestions. Alternatively, you can copy the video link from YouTube and paste it in Snappea Online Downloader.
    download a youtube video to my computer
  3. Once you’re on your video, you’ll get the choice to either download an MP3 or an MP4 file. You also need to select the version that you want to download. Press ‘Download’ to download the selected version.
    download a youtube video to my computer

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