YouTube has various small and big videos. Sometimes, we can even find whole movies on YouTube. But, to view this content on your phone, you need to login to the platform every time. Further, you can’t achieve that without a speedy internet connection. For this reason, we have discussed some options below that can help you download long YouTube videos. Read on to know to save long YouTube videos on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer.

Part 1. Download YouTube Videos Longer Than 2 Hours on iPhone and Computer

Part 2. Download YouTube Video Longer Than 1 Hour on Android Phone

Part 1. Download YouTube Videos Longer Than 2 Hours on iPhone and Computer

Snappea Online Downloader is a light-weight, user-friendly platform that is designed to help download YouTube videos. You can use this online long YouTube downloader for as many times as you many:

youtube long video downloader

Snappea Online Downloader
  • Snappea has integration with YouTube, which enables the website to make YouTube videos available to you.
  • You can download these long and small videos in various sizes and formats. For example, you can download the video in MP3 format.
  • The platform allows direct downloading of the media. You can search on the platform to download long YouTube videos. There’s no need to go to any other platform.
  • The platform is free! That’s great, right? You don’t have to pay for any download.

Let’s see how you can download long videos from the platform:

Step 1: Open YouTube Long Video Downloader

The initial step is to go to the website and start exploring. You can go to Snappea from this link.

Once you are on the site, it is simple – just paste a YouTube link in the search box. If you want, you can also use a keyword, like Salad Recipe, in the search box.

download youtube videos longer than 2 hours

Snappea Online Downloader

Another option is to just scroll and check the hot charts.

Step 2: Download Long YouTube Videos Online

When you are on the website, you can download long videos in two ways:

  • Go to your YouTube account and use a keyword to search for videos. This keyword can be anything. When you find a video, right-click on the player and copy the link. Now, paste this link in the search box of the Snappea platform.
  • Go to Snappea and use the above keyword in the Snappea search box. This will reveal results; multiple options.

You can select the video, click on the Download arrow, and wait for the options. From the given options, choose size and resolution, and wait for the files to convert and download.

download long video youtube

Part 2. Download YouTube Video Longer Than 1 Hour on Android Phone

Similar to Snappea Online Downloader, there’s an app, Snappea for Android. This app is accessible to Android users. You can use it for free to download unlimited media:

download hour long youtube videos

  • Unlike the Snappea downloader, the Snappea app has more integrations. Apart from YouTube, you can download media from other platforms too, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • You can download long videos in MP4 and MP3 formats on your Android phone.
  • It is possible to multitask with this app. This is because you can easily minimize the window and keep watching while you are on other apps.
  • There’s an amazing night mode that turns on when the light is low. This decreases stress and strain on your eyes.

Let’s see how you can download long videos from the Snappea app:

Step 1: Download and Install YouTube Downloader for Long Videos

If you want to use the Snappea app, then you have to download it. Go to the website and click on the download button.

If you are not able to download the APK, then go to your Settings and enable Unknown Apps from the Security.

download long youtube videos online

Once the APK is on your phone, you can click on the downloaded file to install it and start using it for free.

Step 2: Download Long YouTube Videos

Open the app and start searching. There are two ways:

  • You can open Snappea and search. There’s a search bar on the top. The results will be from various platforms.
  • You can open Snappea and click on more circle to find YouTube. Going to YouTube from Snappea will give results from only YouTube.

long youtube downloader

After you find the desired video, click on the Download arrow and wait. Choose the size and resolution to download media in the relevant format on your phone.

download youtube video long

Snappea has options for all types of users. You don’t need any other solution to start downloading YouTube media on any device. Visit the website now for more details.

updated by chengym on Oct 15, 2020