When you need to download videos on YouTube via web, online downloaders are the best. All you need to do to find one amazing downloader is to explore the following list, select the downloader which is perfectly suited for you, and utilize it to download YouTube music on your computer or iPhone. So, without further ado, let’s explore the list of YouTube web downloader.

Part 1. Top 5 Free Web YouTube Downloaders
Part 2. How to Use this YouTube Downloader Web App

Part 1. Top 5 Free Web YouTube Downloaders

Snappea Online Downloader

Snappea Online Downloader is the best web YouTube downloader on our list. This player is designed for computer and iPhone users. You just need to visit the website to start using this platform for web download video YouTube.
download youtube via web
Snappea Online Downloader

  • Using this platform, you can web download from YouTube in two ways. You can use a link from YouTube or just type a keyword in the search to download music.
  • The platform is user-friendly. You don’t need any guidance to start using this platform.
  • Snappea Online Downloader is completely free. It doesn’t cost any money to download any number of files from this platform.
  • The platform has integrated into YouTube, which means that you can stream and download any YouTube music file.


Y2Mate platform is another simple platform, which allows users to paste a link to YouTube videos and music to download it. But, the website has too many unnecessary ads, which can ruin the experience completely.


Keepvid is a great platform, through which you can download media on your phone and laptop. All you need to do is copy a video link from YouTube and then use this link on Keepvid. Here, you can also select the type of video that you need to download.


Savefrom is a similar platform, where you have to paste the YouTube link. It has fewer ads and no-hassle execution on the website.


FreeYouTubeDownloader is an online platform, where you can download music files directly from YouTube to your phone. However, the ads on the website are inappropriate, which might terribly degrade the experience of users.

Part 2. How to Use this YouTube Downloader Web App

Snappea Online Downloader is the perfect solution when you are willing to download your favourite YouTube files to your iPhone or computer from the web. For this reason, we have explained the working of Snappea below:

Step 1: Open Snappea Online Platform

The first step is the simplest. Just click on the link and go to Snappea’s platform. However, open this from the device on which you want to download the file.
For example, if you want music on your computer, then open Snappea from your computer.
Once on the website, everything is hassle-free.

Step 2: Download Music From Snappea

There are various methods to download music and videos from Snappea. You can choose the one you like the most:

  • Check the Hot Chart and find the video that seems feasible to you.
  • Check your YouTube account and explore videos. Once you have it, copy the URL of the link and use it in Snappea.
  • Use the keyword on Snappea for results similar to YouTube.

free web youtube downloader

  • You will find a Download arrow below the video. Click on it and select the size and resolution. After deciding that, wait for the video to process.

download video youtube via web

  • The downloaded files will appear in the My Files or download folder of your phone or computer.

Snappea helps you download as many files as you want for free. Open the website and explore how this amazing platform works.

updated by ihesan on Jan 14, 2021