Audiobooks are arguably the best way to learn. After all, you can listen to an audiobook on any subject while doing something else. But most audiobooks particularly for the most popular bestsellers can be very expensive and sometimes even inaccessible. Yet, there are sometimes when an audiobook will show up on YouTube, allowing those who can’t purchase the audiobooks to listen to them for free.

But like the music and other types of videos on YouTube, you can download an Audiobook on YouTube and be able to listen to it for free. In this article, we take a look at how to get YouTube audio books free download.

Part 1: Why Do You Have the Need for YouTube Audio Books Free Download?
Part 2: How to Download an Audiobook from YouTube for Free
Part 3:Free Audio Books YouTube Download Online

Part 1: Why Do You Have the Need for YouTube Audio Books Free Download?

Audiobooks can be very useful especially when you need to learn a technical subject. Listening is also much easier for most people than reading, which is why audiobooks have become so popular. But you can download audiobook from other sites like Audible. Why you would want to download them on YouTube. The following are some of the most common reasons why it may be more suitable to download the audiobooks from YouTube;

  • All Audiobooks that are on YouTube are free as compared to the ones on Audible or another audiobook site that may cost you at last $20.
  • Some of the audiobooks on YouTube may be for books that were published a long time ago or for books that were never released in digital audiobook version
  • You may want to download an Audiobook on YouTube to listen to then offline
  • It is also much more advantageous to download the audiobook when you want to listen to it over a period of days or weeks rather than at one go.

Part 2: How to Download an Audiobook from YouTube for Free

If you would like to download the audiobook directly on to your Android device, the best way to do it is to use Snappea for Android. This is an app that can be used to download YouTube videos in MP3 format, making it the best choice when downloading audiobooks that tend to be very large files. To access the audiobook, Snappea for Android very easily and quickly connects you to YouTube and once you’ve located the audiobook, Snappea for Android easily downloads it to your file.snaptube

Follow these simple steps for the simplified version of the process described above;

Step 1: Download and Install the App

Download and install Snappea for Android on to your computer. To do that, go to here and click on “Download”download Snappea androidClick “Accept” when the popup message that appears, warning you of the safety of the app. This app is in fact very safe without malware and viruses.Snappea for Android

Step 2: Search Audio book

Open Snappea for Android after successful installation and in the main window, tap on the “YouTube” audio books

The app will take you to YouTube where you can search for the specific audiobook that you need.

Step 3: Download Audio book

Once you’ve located the audiobook you would like to download in YouTube, tap on the big yellow arrow just below the video.

download audio booksYou will see a number of options to download the audiobook. You can choose MP3 format if you want the audiobook in audio format or choose a resolution if you would like it to remain as video.

Part 3:Free Audio Books YouTube Download Online

The following are some other free sites that you can use to download the audiobook from YouTube;
1.Online Video Converter
This is one of the oldest YouTube downloaders on the internet and one of its most endearing features is that it is very easy to use. All you have to do is find the audiobook you want to download on YouTube and then paste the video’s URL into the field provided. You can then simply select the output format and click “Start”. It is however important to note that despite its name, this website no longer offers vide conversion services, meaning you will only be able to download your video in the format it was uploaded.
2.Convert to MP3
This YouTube downloader was also a great way to download and convert YouTube audiobooks into MP3 format. It was also very easy to use, but the reason we refer to it in the past tense is because it is no longer available online. If you go to its URL at you’ll find a message saying the site has been locked because of copyright infringement offenses.
This YouTube converter will allow users to download audiobooks from YouTube and even convert the audiobook into MP3 format during the download. It is very easy to use, allowing users to download even the longest audiobooks in just a few minutes.
To use this online tool to download an audiobook from YouTube, follow these simple steps;
Step 1: Go to to access the main tool

Step 2: Now locate the audiobook you want to download in YouTube. Copy its URL and paste it in the box provided.

Step 3: Select “MP3” and then click “Convert” to begin converting the audiobook into MP3format.

You can also download all other types of video from YouTube in much the same way.

When you find an Audiobook for a book you have been looking for on YouTube, it makes sense to want to download the video in MP3 format for easier conversion. The solutions above can all help you do that, although Snappea for Android is the only solution that is professional enough to help you find the audiobook and download it.

As usual, we value your feedback. Use the comments section below to share your thoughts on this process along with and questions you may have.

updated by wendy on May 13, 2020