The YouTube converter FLVTO is one of the most well-known applications for downloading and converting YouTube videos. YouTube video converter FLVTO application has been a staple when it comes to online converters and this is why there are a lot of users that prefer it. However, in recent years, there are a lot of new tools available, some of which with more advanced features.
In this article, we are going to discover the online tool that might be a better option than the yt converter FLVTO.

Part 1. Which is the Best Alternative to FLVTO
Part 2. Is FLVTO a Better Option Compared to Snappea

Part 1. Which is the Best Alternative to FLVTO

Nowadays, the title of the best online converter has been claimed by Snappea, and with good reasons. Even though in its essence, it completed the same task with the YouTube converter FLVTO, it has more features that make it stand out. One of Snappea’s greatest advantages is that it works perfectly on any operating system and device, both on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you can download Snappea for Android for an even greater experience.
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In more details, the main features of Snappea are the following:

  • Convert and download any YouTube video of any length to MP4 and MP3 file formats.
  • You can choose to convert the videos in multiple resolutions and bitrates.
  • The MP3 file format has the available bitrates of 50k, 70k, 128k, and 160k. The MP4 file format has the available resolutions of 360p and 720p HD.
  • The website is multilingual and you can choose one of the following languages: French, Spanish, and Russian.
  • On Snappea’s homepage you can find a hot chart with the most downloaded videos of the week.
  • It supports every browser and operating system.

These features have made Snappea one of your go-to options when it comes to online converters.

Below, you will find the steps with which you can use it:

  • Copy all the videos you want to convert from YouTube and paste them on the search bar you will find on Snappea’s homepage.
  • Alternatively, visit Snappea and search for the videos directly from the converter. Just type a keyword or the video’s title on the search bar and click the “search” button.

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  • Snappea will show you related results taken from YouTube. Select the video you like the most and click the arrow below the thumbnail to download it.
  • Then, pick the file format and quality in which you want to save the video, according to your device’s specifications.

youtube converter flvto

  • Each combination of file format and quality has a separate “Download” button. Click the one that corresponds to your choice and wait for the download to be completed. Your file will appear in your device’s library in a few seconds.

Snappea is very easy-to-use and intuitive. For this reason, it has started to gain the attention of every user demanding a great online converter.

Part 2. Is FLVTO a Better Option Compared to Snappea

From all of the above, you understand that Snappea has a lot of advantages. However, FLVTO is still a popular choice for an online converter. For this reason, we need to compare the two tools and determine which one is the best for you. First of all, let’s take a look at FLVTO’s key features.
When you use FLVTO, you can benefit from the following features:

  • Unlimited video conversions from YouTube.
  • Conversions and downloading of the videos in MP4, MP3, and AVI.
  • The MP4 and AVI formats also have the option of an HD conversion for a high-quality result.
  • Direct downloading from YouTube. To do that, you need to type fl before YouTube in the video’s URL.

Now that we know the basic features of these two tools, we can see that their main function is similar. However, to use FLVTO you need to either copy and paste or change the link. On Snappea, on the other hand, you can search directly from the website. One more important difference between the two is that Snappea offers you a great variety of bitrates and qualities to choose from, while FLVTO only has one bitrate for MP3 and two for MP4.
This comparison has shown that Snappea offers you more features for better results. Learn how to use it to keep enjoying all of your favorite videos.

updated by on 10月 19, 2021

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