download soundcloud songsSoundCloud is a popular music sharing platforms, which attracts a huge number of creators and audiences to listen, record, upload, and share music. What’s so great about SoundCloud? Here’re some reasons: SoundCloud lets users to upload their own tracks to share with producers, musicians and friends. In this place, you can always find great piece of music and talented musicians. SoundCloud offers the best quality of tracks too, letting you enjoy music more deeply. Moreover, SoundCloud is also featured with its ease of use. For musicians, they can upload tracks without worrying about the file size. For audiences, they can reach various music with a simple click on the orange button. If you are going to download SoundCloud songs for offline listening or personal collection, here you can find the easiest way to complete the task.

Part 1. How to download SoundCloud songs to phone
Part 2. How to download songs off SoundCloud for PC and Mac
Part 3. Top 10 Accounts to Follow on SoundCloud

Part 1. How to Download SoundCloud Songs on Android

If you want to download SoundCloud music directly on your Android device, then you can take the assistance of Snappea for Android. It is a 100% trusted application that is used to download all kinds of media content on an Android for free. Apart from downloading videos, you can also save songs in different formats on your phone. To download SoundCloud songs on your Android using Snappea, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and launch Snaptube

To start with, you can just download Snappea on your Android device. Go to its Settings > Security to enable app download option from unknown sources. Later, you can go to Snappea’s official website to download its APK file. Just tap on the saved APK file to install the application on your phone.

download Snappea android

Step 2: Select the SoundCloud music to download

Now, you can just go to SoundCloud and copy the URL of the song you wish to download. You can copy its link from SoundCloud’s website or its Android app. Afterward, launch Snaptube and just paste the SoundCloud URL that you have recently copied.

soundcloud song downloader apk
Alternatively, you can also select the “SoundCloud” option on Snaptube’s home and browse the app to locate the song you wish to save.

Step 3: Download the song on your phone

Once the SoundCloud page for the song would be opened, you can view a download icon at its bottom. Just tap on the download icon and select the format/size for the music file that you wish to save.

download soundcloud songs android

There you go! Now you can just wait for a few seconds as the MP3 file would be downloaded on your phone. You can later access it from Snaptube’s library or by visiting your phone’s Music app.

Part 1. SoundCloud Song Downloader – Free Download

To download SoundCloud songs online, you can totally rely on SnapTube Online Downloader. This free online service can help you directly download SoundCloud songs to MP3 in high quality. The whole process is straightforward, which only requires a few clicks. You can get any music you prefer from this music sharing sites without installing any software or plugins. No email registration is required, either.

In addition to SoundCloud, SnapTube Online Downloader also supports a wide range of video and music sharing sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vevo and Vimeo etc. With a URL, you can save popular videos and songs to your PC and Mac at ultra-fast speed. Sounds great? Why not try it right now?

how to download songs from soundcloud

Part 2. How to Download Songs from SoundCloud

The tutorial below will clarify the process of how to download a song from SoundCloud for free. SnapTube Online Downloader is a safe and clean tool. No need to worry about anything.

Step 1. Search a Song on SoundCloud

Open your web browser and visit the official website of SoundCloud. Search for the song you are going to download. Right click on the song title and choose Copy Link from the menu. Now you’ve copied the link.

Step 2. Navigate to the Online Downloader

Go to the official website of Snaptube Online Downloader. Paste the song URL into the link box. This online downloader will automatically resolve the link and display a “Video” button.

download songs from soundcloud

Step 3. Download Songs on SoundCloud

Click the red “Video” button and select the ideal file format and resolution. In this case, you need to choose”MP3″ format. After that, the downloading will instantly begin.

how to download soundcloud songs

Tips: Search and Download Songs within SnapTube Online Downloader
Here’s another quick solution to get SoundCloud songs. Directly type in the name of a SoundCloud publisher, for example, Chance The Rapper, then click the Search button. This smart downloader will instantly offer you some available content. Choose the song you like and click the red Download button to download it.

Part 3. Top 10 SoundCloud Channels You Cannot Miss

Since there are so many brilliant creators on SoundCloud, I bet you don’t want to miss a thing. I’ve picked 10 top-notch channels on SoundCloud. Check the list below.

1. Chance The Rapper

American recording producer, rapper, singer, and representative of independent music.


British DJ and electronic producer who is known for the use of post-generational bass and vanguard style of sound engineering.

3. Koala Kontrol

Music record label that has created some great chill, acoustic, and indie tracks.

4. Childish Gambino

He’s a versatile artist who engages in acting, writing, composing, singing etc.

5. Fool’s Gold Records

Independent record label which combines hip-hop and electronic music.


Scottish band who concentrates on synth-pop, indietronica and indie pop genres.

7. Kwamie Liv

New face on SoundCloud whose music is impressive and worth following.

8. Diplo

He is known as musician, DJ, producer and the musical force behind Justin Bieber, Beyonce etc. He’s also the first American artist performing in Cuba.

9. Ryan Hemsworth

Canadian producer and DJ who has specialty in electronic music and hip-hop.

10. Rhymesayers

Hip-hop label which has released over 80 albums. Follow it for Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples, MF Doom, and Aesop Rock.
If you want to download weekly most-played SoundCloud tracks, you can check out SoundCloud top charts.

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