Many of us love our music. Music that drowns out the sound of the busy lives that we live and brings calm to our days. we want our libraries updated with all the sensational music and we do not want to compromise on the quality as well. While most of the music is available online, internet connectivity is everything that you need to access millions of songs and artists worldwide.

Although the music out there is unlimited as additions are made almost every day, what makes the quest tougher is the one for the best audio download app. If you start googling for the audio song download app, you might be able to land on a few sources, but the authenticity is thin. Not only that, many times you land on spam and there is no way getting out of that mess. The following is how you can get the best music audio downloader and use it to download any music you want.

Part 1: Which App Is Best For Audio Download?
Part 2: How Do I Download Audio?

Part 1: Which App Is Best For Audio Download?

The best part of downloaded music is that you can listen to it every time and anywhere irrespective of internet connectivity. There are a lot of mp3 audio download apps, and you can choose one as per your convenience. To save your time and energy, here is a well-researched list of best streaming audio downloader which is topping the charts for being the best audio song download APK app as well.

1.Snappea for Android

Snappea for Android is made available by Shenzhen which is based out of China. Boasting more than seven million downloads, this app is on the top of the list. The app is good with one thing- download. You can download anything from anywhere and that too easily and fast.snaptube

The app is lightweight and does not consume a lot of internet data. The app is available on Android only and you will have to download this audio downloader APK for the installation. The reason being its non-availability on the play store owing to the fact the google doesn’t allow YouTube downloaders in the play store. Snappea for Android has it got it Snappea android

Integration With Major Platforms

Snappea for Android allows you to download any kind of video from any of the major video platforms across the world. You can access YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram and download any video from any of these platforms.

Audio Conversion

Snappea for Android allows you to download a video in any format you want. You can choose HD, UHD, MP4, AVI, Mp3 and every other accessible format. The video to audio conversion is automatic for any music video and takes seconds only. This conversion does not degrade the quality of the video and this is why Snappea for Android has to be the best audio music download app so far.

Easy To Use Interface

The app is not laced with unnecessary features making it way less chaotic. If you are using a free audio song download app for the first time or you have a collection of similar apps, Snappea for Android has the easiest interface out there. No pop-ups and no multiple signups, just downloading stuff.


With the audio music downloader app, security is a concern. This app usually gets access to a lot of information and this might put a doubt among users. But in the case of Snappea for Android, the security is certified by CM Security and McAfee. You can have these audio songs free download app without any privacy concerns

2.Jamendo Music

Another option for the free audio download app is Jamendo Music. The service is free, and you can have access to a big music library. The registration process involves providing email validation and that is pretty much it. There are almost 40,000 music artists on the platforms providing free songs for you to download. The app is easy to use, and you can find almost all music genres in 1


Jamendo music houses as many as 500,000 tracks. You can also get genre themed radio stations with this app. Each album available has reviewed and can use one from you as well. Each artist is individually ranked. The IOS app, however, does not let you download any music for free.

App Design

The app is easy to use and you can just stream music. Downloading is not available on IOS. You can use the search bar to find and review songs.


The streaming is available at 96 kbps. You can download songs in mp3 format. The Jamendo website facilitates BitTorrent downloading and that is cool. This is one of the options for audio song download app free.

3.Radio Player by Audials

Audials is for music lovers who enjoy frequent shuffling on radio stations and the mixture of music thereof. Audials is an android radio player with 80 thousand channels from different parts of the world. You can enjoy the west coast, Midwest, south and east coast on here. This app is available for android 2

Easy To Shuffle Radio Stations

The 80k radio stations featured on this app are just a click away. You can get access to all the popular radio channels via this app. There are separate categories for more than a hundred music styles. Each genre has a huge list of song registrations.

Radio Recorder

The user can record any song that is playing and save it as mp3 on their phone. This feature is available with all the songs on any of the stations. Batch operation is enabled as well wherein you can download as many songs as you want at the same time

With this app, you can access the podcast as well. There are as many as ten thousand podcasts available for the users now. You can access language courses, tech reviews as well. The limitation of this app is that you get access to the single platform that is whatever is available on the app. This can serve your purpose for the best app to download audio songs if you like to have limited choice.


SoundCloud is one of the best apps for audio songs download. The app has a good variety of music and the list is updated now and then. The design of the app is apt and easy to use. You can access metal, indie, classical, dancehall, country, ambient, deep house, trance, and other genreswebsite 3

Offers Scrubbing Support

The app allows you to play a song back and forth as per your convenience. The interface is quite easy and is very simple to use.
Multiple Devices

If you register once, you will be able to access the app with the same user id on many devices. There is a list of top 50 songs updated each week. The app also filters music country wise, depending upon your location.

Save Music

You can download any track if you are a registered user. This is somewhat closer to be the best audio downloader app for android. The only limitation is the limited content.

5.Google Play Music

This is one of the better music streaming services. You can stream radio channels and music. The app has its collection of more than 50,000 songs. Google play music is available on android as well as IOS. You can search for music as per genre, mood, artist, 4


The app is free to access, but for an all-in streaming plan, you will have to shell of $10 each month. Each user account can work with a maximum of ten devices. But the streaming is available to one device at a time

Easy To Use

The app with four million song catalogs is easy to browse through. You can also enjoy the video version of many songs. The platform is simple to use, and you can search for songs as per the category of your liking.

Music Equalizer

The android version of the app has a music equalizer, which is missing in the IOS version. The sound quality of the app is fine although not spectacular. It is a good choice for online streaming

6.4Shared Music

This music app is from the developers of 4shared storage solution. The app is very easy to use. With each sign up the user gets 15GB storage to upload the music. This cloud can be used to upload music from the phone to save phone spacewebsite 7


This audio song download mp3 app allows the online streaming of music. The playlist is huge with almost all kinds of genres available in categories. The audio APK download version of 4Shared is available for android only.

Search Bar

The app has an inbuilt music search bar that allows the user to search the track based on the genre, artist, type, etc. Each track can be added to the playlist as well.


The layout of the app is sophisticated. The creation or updating of the playlist is extremely easy. This music streaming app has limited content.


KeepVid has been one of the famous audio music apps download portal. This allows users to download YouTube videos by copying the URL, thereby giving the user access to the music content available on YouTube

Video To Audio Converter

You can use this app to download videos as well as convert them into mp3. This portal helps you download videos in any format.

Easy User Interface

This portal has an easy interface. Available for Android, this is a free service. This app allows access to many video streaming sites.

Easy Search

You can search for any video inside the portal. Results are easy to scrutinize, and you can download the videos in HD, UHD as well as 2K videos.

8.Audio Mack

Available for both android and IOS, this app allows unlimited uploads, unlimited data and is completely free. This is typically a sound cloud alternative and works on limited terms.

Easy To Use

This is accessible easily. The interface is simple and can be used to search tracks and download them as well.

Music Categories

The music is categorized similarly to SoundCloud. The genres such as hip-hop, classic, rock, and electronic are the most famous ones here


This platform has a considerable amount of content, but there is not a lot of it. The choice is limited and so are the number of tracks in each genre.

Part 2: How Do I Download Audio?

If you individually review each of the mentioned audio platforms, based on the availability of content, ease of use, easy downloaded, free subscriptions, and downloading format options, then Snappea for Android is the winner. It has got everything in the store. This app is going to replace all the other apps on your phone. Want to download any kind of video, leave it to Snappea for Android

Step 1: Download and install the app

The installation of the setup is a very simple process. In order to get the original setup all you have to do is visit the official site of Snappea for Android. Another way to download the setup is to Google it, but make sure that you don’t download any duplicate versions of the app.Snappea for Android
download Snappea android

Step 2: Search audio

Once you have installed the Snappea for Android APK file, open the application. Snappea for Android is attractive looking application with an easy to use interface and a search bar at the top. This application has direct to various audio/video platforms and will not disappoint you without getting the results of your search. Type in the name of the music and the music will be right infront of your eyes.

Step 3: Download audio

It is easy to download any kind of music with Snappea for Android. Any music video that you like can be downloaded just by clicking on the “detail page’ of it. This will open up a page with a download button on the lower right side of your screen. Click on it, choose the mp3 format when prompted and the music starts downloading. Get started with 3d audio app download

Your search for the best app for audio sound downloads ends here. Snappea for Android his your all in one solution to download any video in any format. Snappea for Android is the master when it comes to 8d audio app download or 3d audio app download. There is nothing like it.

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