When you are scrolling SoundCloud, don’t you ever wish to have the ability for SoundCloud music download? Don’t you ever wish to utilize this music offline without having to open SoundCloud every time with internet access? We have all been there and we all wish to access SoundCloud music offline. Hence, today, we have brought you a solution. Snappea is an application that can help you with SoundCloud downloader music. Read more to understand how.

Snappea for Free Music Download SoundCloud

Snappea is a robust, amazing application that offers unlimited media access to its user. Fortunately, the execution was right on point. Using this application, you can not only use it as a SoundCloud music downloader but also download music, videos, and media from other applications.

Snappea for Android


Here are some of the benefits of using Snappea SoundCloud music downloader:

  • Snappea has integrated into multiple platforms that give users access to Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and other such websites.
  • The application is so lightweight that you won’t even realize that it is running on your mobile. You can quickly download music and media without hampering the working efficiency of your phone.
  • The App is safe for your mobile, it won’t harm your Android phone in any manner.
  • You can utilize picture-in-picture mode in Snappea. This means you can multitask and open other applications with Snappea.
  • You can utilize the App in your preferred language, which is feasible for users who are not familiar with the English language.
  • The application has a night-mode which is automatically switched on. It helps you reduce the strain on your eyes in the dark.

How to Utilize Snappea for SoundCloud Music Download

Several users utilize Snappea for SoundCloud music download every day. It easy and simple to use.
However, to reduce the hassle and help you access the App for the very first time, we have explained the process of SoundCloud music download through Snappea. Read more to understand the process.

Installing SoundCloud Music Downloader App

To utilize Snappea for SoundCloud music download, you need to first install the application on your Android phone. For that, visit the website of Snappea through the browser of your phone. On the top right corner, you will find Download Android Version. Click it for SoundCloud music downloader apk and accept the prompt to download the file.

It will take 1 to 2 minutes for the file to download. Once it is downloaded, scroll down your notification bar and click the file. It will start the installation process. Within a minute, Snappea will be installed on your Android mobile.
Note: If you are unable to download Snappea on your Android phone, go to Settings of your phone. Here, find Privacy and Security and then find Install Unknown apps. Enable this option. You can also directly search for Install Unknown apps in the settings.

Downloading Music from Super SoundCloud Music Downloader

After downloading Snappea, open the App to access SoundCloud music files. Search SoundCloud in the search bar and wait for the results. In the results, go to Channels and you will find SoundCloud on the top.
Click SoundCloud and start scrolling to search for the music you wish to download. Once you have found the music file that you want to download, click the download button, and select the file size. Now, you will be taken to the download page. Here, change the location of download if you want to and hit download.
Snappea is an amazing application for SoundCloud music download. You can utilize this App for downloading media from other platforms as well. Read the above process and download Snappea today.

For PC and iPhone users, go to Snappea Online Downloader

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 12, 2021