There are tons of solutions to download YouTube videos on our computers and smartphones, like SaveFromNet YouTube downloader. Sadly, the SaveFromNet YouTube downloader is not that easy to use and has tons of ads. Therefore, you might be looking for other ways to save from YouTube any video of your choice. Here’s the best SaveFrom YouTube alternative that you can use on any platform.

Part 1. Snappea for Android: The Best SaveFrom YouTube App Alternative
Part 2. Snappea: An Ideal Online SaveFrom YouTube Alternative
Part 3. Snappea vs. SaveFrom YouTube Downloader

Part 1. Snappea for Android: The Best SaveFromNet YouTube App Alternative

Android users can also install the Snappea smartphone app instead of the SaveFromNet YouTube downloader to meet their requirements.

  • It will let you download videos from YouTube and hundreds of other platforms.
  • To find a YouTube video, you can enter relevant keywords or its URL.
  • There will be options to save the video as either MP4 or MP3 and in different resolutions.
  • Using this YouTube downloader is free (unlike SaveFromNet) and it features a dark mode too.
    savefrom mp3 youtube
    You can follow this basic drill to use this SaveFrom YouTube downloader alternative app.

    Step 1: Install the Snappea for Android application

    At first, you can just go to the official website of Snappea, download its APK, and let your browser install the application.

    Step 2: Search for a YouTube video of your choice

    Now, you can launch the YouTube downloader SaveFromNet alternative app and find any video. You can directly enter the URL of the video or simply provide the appropriate keywords.
    savefrom mp3 youtube

    Step 3: Download the YouTube video on your phone

    After finding the relevant video, just load it on the native interface of Snappea, and tap on the download icon. The YouTube downloader SaveFrom alternative will let you save the file as either MP4 or MP3.
    youtube mp4 savefrom

    Part 2. Snappea: An Ideal Online SaveFrom YouTube Alternative

    youtube mp4 savefrom
    Snappea Online Downloader
    If you are looking for an online and free alternative to YouTube downloader SaveFromNet, then consider using Snappea.

  • Snappea will let you look for a YouTube video by entering keywords on the interface.
  • You can also directly load a YouTube video by entering its URL.
  • The loaded video can be saved in different formats like MP4 or MP3.
  • You can also select a resolution and bit rate to save the file from Snappea
    Here are some basic steps that you can take to use this SaveFrom YouTube downloader alternative:

    Step 1: Copy the video URL from YouTube

    If you want to make your job easier, then just go to the YouTube website or app and copy the video’s URL.

    Step 2: Load the video on Snappea’s interface

    Now, just open this YouTube downloader SaveFrom online alternative and paste the URL here. You can also enter keywords and get results fetched from YouTube here.
    savefrom videos youtube

    Step 3: Download the MP3 or MP4 file

    Afterward, just load the video on Snappea and select a format of your choice. In the end, click on the “Download” button to save from YouTube the MP4/MP3 file.
    savefrom videos youtube

    Part 3. Snappea vs. SaveFromNet YouTube Downloader

    Snappea is a better alternative than the SaveFromNet YouTube downloader because of the following reasons.

  • SaveFromNet has tons of ads and is slow, while Snappea is super-fast and ad-free.
  • Users can only download videos by providing their links on the SaveFromNet YouTube downloader.
  • On the other hand, you can enter the URL of the video and look for it by entering keywords.
  • Snappea is also a faster and more user-friendly solution that lets us download the video in all the major resolutions.Go ahead and use this best Save from Net YouTube alternative (online or Android solution) to download unlimited MP4 and MP3 files.
    nload unlimited MP4 and MP3 files.

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