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With the rise of numerous pages and ever-increasing Facebook users, you will find a lot of videos being shared that you may wish to have them on your device. The problem you could be experiencing is the safest way of downloading these videos. A safe way of downloading these videos is by using online video downloader. In this article, we will introduce you to the safest and fastest Facebook video downloader online service that does not require any other installations.

Part 1: Safest Online Facebook Video Downloader

Have you heard of  Snappea? It is an online downloader that allows you to download videos and audios from Facebook safely. Using this Facebook video online downloader is straightforward and does not require any installation like adds on to your browser like other online downloaders. Snappea recognizes URLs, and you can also search for videos or audio files using keywords such as song title or artist name. As you enter the keywords, the suggestions will appear at the bottom that makes it easier to look for a particular video. After displaying the search results is when you can download your video or audio.

facebook video downloader online

This program inhibits other features such as

  • It supports download of videos and audios from other websites such as Vimeo, Vine, Liveleak, Mobfry, Skymovies, Metacafe, Dailytube, Tune, FunnyOr Die and much more.
  • It boasts of fast download speed.
  • It can download directly download MP3 files to your computer.
  • No ads. It user interface has no ads.
  • You can choose the quality of the video that you want to download.
  • You can determine the file size of the music file that you want to download.
  • It has a simple user interface.
  • Downloading videos and audios on this platform is totally free and no registration is required.
  •  Snappea supports different browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Part 2: How to Download Facebook Videos Online

As you have seen Snappea is an easy to use web downloader built to support online videos and audios from different popular websites. In this part, we will show you a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can download video from Facebook videos online safely to your computer.

Step 1: Get Video URL

Begin by launching your browser on your computer. From there visit Snappea. Next, log in to your Facebook and go to the Facebook page that has the video that you want to download.
Play the video and go to the “Options” button and click on “Show URL” and then copy the URL of the video.

Step 2: Paste URL for Downloading

Now, go back to Snappea window and paste the Facebook video URL on its search box and click on “Search”. The search box is placed in the middle of the screen. The results will be displayed immediately. Click on “Download” button.

facebook video downloader online

Step 3: Download Online Facebook Videos

You will then have to re-click on the “Download” button to be able to choose the video quality. Download the video. Once the video has been downloaded to go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer and play it. Bravo, that is how to safely Facebook videos with Snappea.

facebook video downloader online

Part 3: 6 Popular Videos or Video Channels on Facebook

Other the Facebook video channels that you know, you can also check out on these six popular videos on Facebook. You will get interesting videos that you can watch and download.

1. Unilad

Unilad is user interactive channel that allows users to submit videos that can be uploaded and shared.

2. VT (Viral Thread)

VT is a Facebook channel that shares viral content across the globe.

3. Food Network

This a food network channel that you will get different cooking ideas, cooking tips and recipes.

4. 5-minute Crafts

5-minute crafts bring you all to do it yourself projects and ideas that you can implement at home or work.

5. The Dodo

From the description of The Dodo page, it is an animal-related page that creates and share videos and stories related to animals in an emotional way.

6. Lad-Bible

You can also check on LadBible which has funny stories, viral videos and all the latest news.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 14, 2021

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