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Are you trying to figure out the y2mate YouTube audio downloader? Honestly, y2mate isn’t such a user-friendly tool to use for downloading YouTube media. However, you don’t have to worry because in this guide, I’ll introduce to you the best alternative for y2mate download video and audio from YouTube. If I was able to catch your interest until now, then be sure to read till the end of the article as I’ll give you a proper walkthrough of how you can use this tool to download YouTube media for free. With that said, let’s not waste another second and get straight into today’s guide.

Part 1. Best Alternative to Y2mate – Snappea Online Downloader

Part 2. Y2mate Vs Snappea Online Downloader

Part 1. Best Alternative to Y2mate – Snappea Online Downloader

For a number of distinct reasons, the Snappea Online Downloader proves to be the perfect alternative for YouTube video and audio downloader y2mate. The Snappea Online Downloader is a free web-based tool that allows you to directly download any MP3 or MP4 file from YouTube onto your device. Snappea Online Downloader works for several devices including Android phones, iPhones, as well as laptops. Moreover, the Snappea Online Downloader is popular for its highly intuitive user-interface unbeatable by any other YouTube video downloader. For this reason, several consider this tool as the very best YouTube downloader available for free in 2020.

y2mate download video and audio from youtube

Snappea Online Downloader

Here arises the question; how do I use Snappea Online Downloader as a YouTube audio downloader y2mate.The process of downloading YouTube media through Snappea Online Downloader is actually pretty simple. The steps below illustrate the complete procedure of downloading MP3 and MP4 files from YouTube with Snappea Online Downloader.

Step 1: Go to Snappea Online Downloader

First and foremost, you must go to the Snappea Online Downloader page from your browser. To do this, either search for ‘Snappea Online Downloader’ on your browser or you may tap on Snappea Online Downloader to go directly to the Snappea official site.

Step 2: Find Your Video

Next, you must locate and add your video on Snappea Online Downloader. There are multiple ways you can achieve this. Firstly, you may search for relevant keywords in the Snappea Online Downloader search bar. From the video suggestions, identify and select your video to open it. Alternatively, you may launch the video on YouTube, copy the link, and paste in in the Snappea Online Downloader. This will take you straight to the desired video.

y2mate download video and audio from youtube

Step 3: Download the Video and Enjoy

Lastly, you need to download the video to gain offline access for the video. Here, you get the option to either download an MP3 or MP4 version of the file. Select the appropriate format and afterward, chose the desired bit rate and quality from the list of available versions shown. You may select a higher bit rate version to ensure perfect quality, however, this will require more storage space than other versions. Press ‘Download’ for the desired version and it will begin downloading on your device.
y2mate download video and audio from youtube

Part 2. Y2mate Vs Snappea Online Downloader

Here, the question arises; Is Snappea Online Downloader better than y2mate YouTube audio downloader? Although both of these tools act as amazing YouTube downloaders, however, my personal preference, for a number of reasons, is the Snappea Online Downloader. Snappea Online Downloader exceeds YouTube audio downloader y2mate over a number of factors. By using Snappea Online Downloader for the purpose of downloading media from YouTube, you’ll actually be availing a number of benefits that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Some of the major perks that Snappea has over y2mate are listed below.

  • The Snappea Online Downloader provides much faster download and conversion rates in comparison with the YouTube video and audio downloader y2mate.
  • Snappea offers users a very user-friendly interface to work around. When compared to y2mate free download video and audio from YouTube, Snappea can be considered easier-to-use.
  • In Snappea Online Downloader, you can directly search for YouTube videos without having to copy and paste its link from YouTube. Y2mate allows you to locate videos using only their web addresses.
  • Furthermore, Snappea also allows you to stream videos directly without having to download. This isn’t the case with y2mate where it’s necessary to download a video to be able to watch it.

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