Sometimes, we need a video to play offline for entertainment for educational purposes. Also, there are some interesting videos we want to share on third party social media platforms. Problems occur only when we try to download some content. We have a smart technique of downloading YouTube to MP4 480p, 720p and even in ultra HD resolution. Yes, it is possible if we start thinking out of the box.

Part 1. Solution for Android Users
Part 2. Solution for Computer and iPhone Users

Part 1. Solution for Android Users

Snappea has introduced a better option for Android users in the form of Snappea for Android. This Android application has more features to entertain you. Let’s celebrate on the significant features:
download youtube mp4 480p

  • This YouTube online downloader MP3 480p application also allows you to access and download multimedia from social media platforms.
  • Enjoy unlimited downloading in the best possible resolutions including ultra HD and 4K.
  • Utilise Snappea for Android as an online video to audio converter and downloader.
  • Sign in with your Google account to get personalized YouTube entertainment stuff directly on your homepage.
  • This Android application serves the user with uninterrupted entertainment by blocking all advertisements of YouTube.

How to Download YouTube to MP4 480p using Snappea for Android

  • This app has a search bar utilise for browsing the URL for getting results from relevant keywords. Search your desired video through any of these options.

long youtube downloader

  • Options of downloading from other web sites like Facebook and Instagram are also available. Just copy the URL of radio and paste it in the same search bar.
  • When the video appears on your app, tap on the download button right below the playing window.

youtube converter mp4 480p

  • Download YouTube videos 480p MP4 online by selecting the resolution provided there.

download youtube mp4 480p
From low to high resolution, Snappea for Android is providing multiple options to select according to your data availability and purpose of downloading. Once you download Snappea for Android, this app will declutter your smartphone by reducing various other applications.

Part 2. Solution for Computer and iPhone Users

Snappea is designed to facilitate all types of internet users beyond the barriers of operating system restrictions. Instead of mobile or PC software applications, this tool is accessible online through web browsers. You must be curious about knowing how to download YouTube videos 480p MP4 and various other resolutions. Here is a list of some interesting features you must know before using Snappea.
youtube video downloader mp4 480p
Snappea Online Downloader

Useful features of Snappea

  • It requires just a browser and internet connection to download any YouTube video from Snappea.
  • The online tool has a friendly user interface where you just need to enter the YouTube URL or keyword relevant to the desired video for searching it.
  • You can access all the services of Snappea without registering with any account.
  • The tool provides multiple options to select in video file formats from Standard to high definition.
  • You can also utilise Snappea as an online video to MP3 converter.

Simple steps on how to download YouTube to MP4 480p using Snappea online downloader

  • Visit the official website of Snappea through your web browser.
  • Enter the relevant keyword related to the video or paste the YouTube URL in its search bar.

download youtube videos 480p mp4

  • Click on the search button to get relevant results.
  • Press the download button appearing below the video. You will be redirected to a new page.

youtube converter mp4 480p

  • Here you can download YouTube MP4 480p video by selecting the respective resolution. 480p is ideal for forwarding through social media apps because of its less memory consumption. Also, this resolution is suitable if you have limited internet data.

download youtube mp4 480p

  • Just by clicking on the desired resolution, your video will be downloaded and available to play offline in any multimedia player.

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