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Are you interested in knowing how you can download videos from YouTube to MP3 with image? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect tool that’ll help you accomplish this? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that this is our topic for today. I’ll enlighten you on the best YouTube video downloader tool available for free. Be sure to stick around to the end as I’ll also guide you on the steps that you must take in order to convert YouTube to MP3 with thumbnail on various devices. With that said, let’s head straight into today’s guide and learn how to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 with picture.

Part 1. For Android Users
Part 2. Snappea Online vs. Snappea Android
Part 3. For Computer And iPhone Users

Part 1. Snappea for Android – Android Users

If you’re an Android user, then you’re in luck. Snappea for Android is a free software made for Android users. Snappea for Android allows you to easily convert videos from YouTube to MP3 with image in just a few seconds. Snappea for Android allows downloads from a great range of video sharing sites including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more! With Snappea for Android, you can get any YouTube video downloaded on your Android phone in just a single click. Unique features like the Intelligent Night Mode are what make this software the best YouTube downloader. Added to that, Snappea for Android comes at a fair cost of absolutely free, so what’s the wait for?


Follow the steps below to understand how you can use Snappea for Android to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 with album cover.

Step 1: Download Snappea For Android

First and foremost, you must download and install Snappea For Android on your Android phone. For this, tap on Snappea for Android and press ‘Download’ to download the app on your smartphone. The download may take several minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. After the download completes, tap on the downloaded file to install it.
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Step 2: Locate Your Video

Next, you must find your video. You can do this by entering certain keywords in the search bar of Snappea For Android. Or you may copy the video link from YouTube and paste it in the search bar of Snappea For Android.

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Step 3: Download the MP3 And Enjoy

From the list of available versions, select MP3, and then choose the desired file quality that you need. You can also download an MP4 version of the video. After deciding on the version, press ‘Download’ to get the file downloaded on your Android. Afterwards, just access it from your downloads and enjoy!

Part 2. Snappea Online vs. Snappea Android

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Part 3. Snappea Online Downloader – Computer And iPhone Users

Snappea Online Downloader is an amazing tool for computer and iPhone users. This is a web-based downloader that allows instant downloads for any YouTube video. Snappea Online Downloader offers outstanding services for absolutely free! Since this is a web-based tool, therefore, no software downloads are necessary. It offers high-quality downloads with unusual downloading and conversion speeds. The Snappea Online Downloader is especially famous for its one-click download feature. With no drawbacks, Snappea Online Downloader proves to be the best YouTube to MP3 converter with thumbnail tool.

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If you want to learn how you can utilize the Snappea Online Downloader to instantly convert any YouTube video to MP3, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Snappea Online Downloader

In order to be able to use the downloader, you must first open the downloader on your browser. To do this, press Snappea Online Downloader and this link will take you straight to the downloader tool. You can also search for ‘Snappea Online Downloader’ in your browser. In this case, select the first suggestion to go to the Snappea Online Downloader.

Step 2: Add Your Video

After you’re on the Snappea Online Downloader page, enter the relevant keywords where it says ‘Enter keyword or link here’. From the suggested videos, locate yours and open it. Another alternative for this step is to go to YouTube, open the video, copy the link, and paste it directly on the Snappea Online Downloader. In this case, you’ll be directed straight to your video.

Step 3: Download Your Video

Once you’ve opened your video, you’ll see a list of available versions for download. You can either download an MP3 file or and MP4 file. You’ll have the option to download the file in high quality which I usually recommend. After selecting the appropriate version, press ‘Download’ to start downloading the file on your device.

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