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iphone 8 ringtoneApple does not allow its users with many customizations. And while Apple allows users to download ringtones from the iTunes store, it will cost you. It is OK to pay for a ringtone every now and then, but what if you like a ringtone that is basically a shortened version of the song you’ve already purchased? You do not need to pay a fee for every single ringtone you get, but that is what Apple is doing. Luckily, if you want some free alternative to your ringtone, there are other options. Here are some websites where you can find free iPhone 8 ringtone.

Part 1. Where to Download Ringtone of iPhone 8
Part 2. More Tips for Using iPhone 8

Part 1: Top 7 Sites to Download Ringtones for iPhone 8

1. Zedge

The world’s most trusted app for wallpapers, games, and ringtones. Zedge has a huge database of popular ringtones. You can also find alternative versions of songs like the mega-popular Despacito, or movie themes like the one from Game of Thrones. Just download Zedge the app, and you can easily find ringtones after. Zedge was popular back before people had smartphones. And the website is still one of the best places for all things mobile.

2. MobiRingTone

The website is divided into channels for music and ringtones. In that regard, you can find guitar ringtones, funny, Star Wars themed, Christmas themed, and many more. The website also allows for wallpaper download.

3. FreeTone

Another website that is divided by channels for ringtones. You can also find some standard ringtones, or ringtones that are not extracted from a song or movie theme. There are some interesting ringtones that are iPhone exclusive. You can listen songs as well, and rate them. And if you really like a song, you can share it with your friends through social media.

4. FreeMobi

Download ringtones without any subscription, free of charge. The collection of ringtones is regularly updated to feature some of the most popular songs and videos. You can listen to any ringtone online before opting to download. In addition to English, the website is available in Russian, German, and Ukrainian language.

5. Pagalworld

The top place for downloading Hindu ringtones for your iPhone. There are countless songs, videos, and music in general that can be transformed into a ringtone for your iPhone. Do not worry, there are popular songs in addition to Hindu songs.

6. MobCup

High-quality ringtones are what you will find here. You can download mp3 and M4R ringtones. There are more mp3 than M4R ringtones and you can browse them through different categories. If you are a fan of Bollywood ringtones, MobCup has you covered. You can also download the application in Google Play, and download ringtones more easily.

7. Myxer

The website offers a selection of more than 13 million pieces of free material. The selection includes ringtones, music, apps, images, games, and much more data for your iPhone. You can use it free of charge, without any hidden costs. Just click on the “Download for iPhone” button located under the phone number box.

Part 2: Surprising Tips for Using iPhone 8

If you need more than just an iPhone 8 ringing tone, we have another tool that you could use. The tool in question is Snaptube, an online downloader you can use to get videos, songs, and much more. You can use the app to download videos in two ways. The first one is by keyword. For example, you can type “funny videos”, “dog videos”, “anime” or anything else. Or you can download using a direct link, by copy and paste the link from YouTube or any other video service.

YouTube is not the only video service you can use to download videos. SnapTube is linked with Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Vevo, Vuclip, SoundCloud, Liveleak, and many other video websites.
As long as the video is available in multiple resolutions, you can choose what one you like. For example, if you are low on storage, you can download it in lower resolution. On the other side, if storage is not an issue, feel free to download the video in high resolution.

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