There’s no doubt in the fact that videos are now a big part of your social media and real life. From being able to check recipes to listen to music, we check video media almost every day. The most popular source of this video media is YouTube. However, the only issue that we face with this platform is that we don’t have the ability to download media. For this reason, online YouTube MP3 song download is a hassle for many. We have prepared a list of 5 top YouTube MP3 song download sites.

Part 1. Top 5 Ways for Online MP3 Songs Download from YouTube
Part 2. How to Download MP3 Songs Online from YouTube

Part 1. Top 5 Ways for Online MP3 Songs Download from YouTube

1. Snappea Online Downloader

Snappea Online Downloader is our top choice; that is why we are going to discuss this YouTube MP3 song download website first. Using Snappea downloader, you can download any number of YouTube videos in MP3 format. The task will only take a few minutes.

youtube mp3 download song

Snappea Online Downloader

Let’s check some features of Snappea Online Downloader:

  • The application integrates with YouTube. So, you can simply paste the link or search a keyword to download media from Snappea to your phone.
  • You can download YouTube files in MP3 and MP4 formats in varying sizes for feasible usage.
  • The website is light-weight. It would open quickly and help you download media even more rapidly.
  • You can download any number of MP3 files for free. There are no charges for using the Snappea Online Downloader.

2. YTMP3

YTMP3 works on computers, phones, and tablets. You can open the website from the desired device, paste the YouTube link in the tab, and move forward with YouTube MP3 song download online.

3. YouTube To MP3 Converter

Similar to YTMP3, you need to visit the website for YouTube MP3 songs download free online. The only difference is that you can also change the file size before downloading for convenience.


In DMFY, you need to first search YouTube links on Google or After that, you can paste this link to the search bar of DMFY for downloading it quickly.

5. X2Convert

X2Convert is also similar to the above websites. However, on this website, you can change the language of the website according to your preference for feasible usage.

Part 2. How to Download MP3 Songs Online from YouTube

Snappea Online Downloader is the best site for YouTube online MP3 song download. This is why we have explained how to use Snappea below. Read on.

Step 1: Open Snappea Online Downloader

To start using Snappea Online Downloader, firstly open the website from the link. The website is light-weight, so it will only take a minute.
After opening the website, you can directly start using it to download media to MP3 and MP4 format. The task only takes a few minutes.

Step 2: Download YouTube to MP3

To download YouTube to MP3, you can use two methods. Either you can paste the link from your YouTube or you can search a keyword. Both methods are simple to use.

Step 2 A: Paste Link

If you have a specific video in mind, then copy the link from YouTube and open Snappea in another tab. Paste the link on Snappea and search. On the search page, click on the right resolution and file type. Hit Download to download MP3. Your browser might prompt for location. Enter it and download the file.

online youtube mp3 song download

Step 2 B: Use Keyword

It is also possible to directly search with the keyword. In this case, you don’t need to visit YouTube. You can directly open Snappea Online Downloader and search with the keyword.

From the search results, select the video you wish to download and hit the Download button below the player. Select the resolution and file type. Lastly, select the location if your browser asks.

online youtube mp3 song download

Using Snappea for media download is simple and hassle-free. You can get access to unlimited entertainment with the Snappea platform. You can also try Snappea for Android to download MP3 songs from YouTube on Android phones.

updated by chengym on Sep 22, 2020