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Background music is easy to find, but not that easy to download. We can go online, listen to some tracks but when it comes to downloading one, there is no particular and safe path to do so. Online download portals have become advertising menace. Just when you think you have reached the ultimate download link, there is another pop-up and boom- there go hours of effort with some random spam downloading. Here we will introduce the best app for YouTube background music download within clicks.

Part 1: Where Can I Get Free Background Music for YouTube
Part 2: How Do I Download Background Music from YouTube 

Part 1: Where Can I Get Free Background Music for YouTube

I tried finding more reliable ways for YouTube background music free download. I found some websites which helped, but the quality goes way down when I finally get the file on my device. Among all the things I tried, some websites and applications that can help you download free background music for YouTube videos.

This website allows you to download free background music and allows you to share it as well. This is more like an open community, wherein you can find music from different genres including Jazz, hip-hop and chill out.

This is a collaborative database that allows users across the world to download synthesized background music or instrumental sounds. Music is available under the creative commons license.

This is one of the most popular music databases, there is this one section known as creative commons wherein you can download tracks as well as use them further for your videos.

This database has as many as 10,000 tracks available for download. You just have to sign-up and choose among the many genres available on this website. You can find the best background music for YouTube videos free download here.

Tip: try googling background music for YouTube free download, YouTube copyright-free background music download. You can land up on the list of tracks that are trending, and you can use those.

Part 2: How Do I Download Background Music from YouTube

Although there are some sites, mentioned above, that can help you download some amazing background tracks, there is just one problem. The free content is limited. You cannot get everything that is available on YouTube. This makes YouTube, number one platform for your background music. With YouTube music background download is easier than ever. Especially for royalty-free music free download background music, YouTube is the number one choice.

Downloading from YouTube is a task though. If you try googling ‘popular music background music download’, ‘free background music for YouTube videos no copyright download’ or background music free download for YouTube videos, you will have access to pages that will allow online streaming or in best-case scenarios a link with no conversion option. For all of your free YouTube background music download, switch to Snappea for Android.

Snappea for Android


Snappea for Android is as amazing as it gets. You can simply download any background soundtrack with just one click. From YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion- you name it.

2.1 What Are the Platforms That Snappea for Android Can Access?

If you are looking for an app that allows you to download any video from any place, this is the one. Snappea for Android can help you download videos from all the major video portals across the world. This will give you access to videos of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. You can look for videos under background music YouTube download or free download background music for YouTube videos. you can download any of the available videos with just one click.

  • Availability of Content

Snappea for Android allows integrations to all the major portals. There is no restriction or limitation on content as far as I have noticed. You can find all kinds of videos on Snappea for Android and you can download whatever you want. The collection is huge.

  • Download Format

You can download any video in any format you want. It is easy to convert video into audio in one simple step. Not only this, you change to choose the resolution of your liking. Whether you want an HD video, or you want to compromise on quality owing to your slow internet connection.

  • Snappea for Android Is Secure

If you are worried about the installation of a third-party app owing to data thefts and tweaked phone security, you can download this app without any worry. Snappea for Android security is certified by CM security, MacAfee and Lookout security.

  • No Signups and Pop-Ups

Snappea for Android is hassle-free. You can enjoy all the features without having to provide any kind of sensitive information. Downloads are direct. That means you do not have to wait for ten other popups. Just click on the option and you are good to go.

  • Available for Android

The app is available in the APK setup. You need to download and install it. Google Play Store does not allow this app on its platform as Play Store does not allow download of content from YouTube.

2.2 How to Download YouTube Background Music with Snappea for Android?

I have made it quite obvious that Snappea for Android is your best bet out there. Instead of typing jargons ranging from ‘YouTube background music download no copyright’ to ‘background music for YouTube videos free download’, just go get Snappea for Android and download the best background music out there.

Step 1: Find the Snappea for Android Setup

Downloading from an authentic source is important to avoid any issues later and this can be done in two ways. You can visit the official site of Snappea for Android and download the settings or you can Google the setup and download from a trusted source.

Step2: Searching for Your Favorite Background Music

Once the download is finished you can launch the app. The direct access of Snappea for Android to YouTube makes it very easy to use and search for any music of your desire. You can gather a list of the best background music from any browser and search for the same in the Snappea for Android search bar. Snappea for Android will display the music file you look for within no background music free download

Step3: How to Download the Music

Downloading is quite easy with Snappea for Android. Any music video that you like can be downloaded just by clicking on the “detail page’ of it. This will open up a page with a download button on the lower right side of your screen. Click on it, choose the format and the BGM starts downloading. The audio file of the YouTube video that you choose can be automatically converted to mp3 and you can save it in your phone playlist as well.

youtube to mp4 full hd

BGM is vital to media creation. There are a lot of BGM tracks out there, just the downloading part of it is chaotic. With Snappea for Android, all of it is yours. Any track, any format, any website, everything under your fingertips. Download Snappea for Android and find the best YouTube background music download now.

For PC and iPhone users, go to Snappea Online Downloader

updated by wendy on Apr 13, 2021

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