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While scrolling your YouTube application on your Android phone, don’t you want to download some media content? We all do. But, sadly, YouTube doesn’t allow downloading of media currently. Hence, we need to find other .
Below we have made a list of such applications. In the last section, we have also explained the manner in which you can download YouTube to MP3 using the Snappea for Android application. Read on to use YouTube video to MP3
downloader for Android.

Part 1. Top 5 Free YouTube to MP3 Android Apps
Part 2. How to Use YouTube to MP3 Android App

Part 1. Top 5 Free YouTube to MP3 Android Apps

1. Snappea for Android

Snappea for Android is an amazing application for mobile phone users. The app is free to use, hassle-free, and easy to traverse. You don’t even need any guidance to access this application.
Snappea for Android
Here are some features of the Snappea for Android users:

  • Snappea for Android has integrated with multiple platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. This means that users can access media files from these platforms and download it on their phones.
  • The application is so lightweight that it doesn’t impact the performance of your smartphone. You can use this application without any hassle.
  • Snappea for Android has an in-built night mode. When you are in the dark, the application automatically turns on the mode to reduce the strain on your eyes.
  • You can use this YouTube to MP3 converter Android APK to download files in multiple resolutions and formats.
  • The application is completely free to use. You don’t need to pay any hidden charges or other fees to access the full version.

2. YT3

YT3 is a simple YouTube to MP3 Android app download that is easy to use. You need to download the APK of the application from the website, install it on your Android phone, and start using it for free access.

3. YouMP34

When you want to convert your YouTube videos to MP3 and MP4 format, you can use the YouMP34 application. It works similar to YT3. Just download the APK, install it on your phone, and start using it.

4. Freemake

Freemake is not really a YouTube to mp3 320kbps app android. It is a platform that you need to use to convert your YouTube file. Copy the URL of your file and paste it on the Freemake web application to convert it.

5. Peggo APK

As the name suggests, Peggo APK is an APK file, which when you download on your phone, allows YouTube to MP3 conversion. Visit the website, download the APK file, install it, and start using it to get MP3 media on your Android phone.

Part 2. How to Use YouTube to MP3 Android App

Snappea for Android is the best YouTube to MP3 converter for Android in our list due to its features and functionalities. This is why we have explained in detail how to utilize this application for downloading the MP3 file.

Step 1. Install Snappea for Android

Visit the website from your Android phone to download the APK file for Snappea. After downloading the APK, click on the downloaded file from the notifications bar to install it. It would only take some minutes.

Once the APK is installed and running on your Android phone, you can start using it directly.

background music download

Step 2. Convert to MP3

Open the app and search for the desired video YouTube content in the search bar. When you find media that you want in MP3 format, click on the Download arrow, select the resolution and size of the download, and hit ok.
YouTube to MP3
These files can be found in My Files folder of your phone.
Isn’t it so simple to use Snappea for Android? Visit our website now and start using this application to convert to MP3. (For iPhone users, get Snappea YouTube to MP3 app for iPhone and have a try.)

For PC and iPhone users, go to Snappea Online Downloader

updated by yaohan on Mar 15, 2021

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