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When you want to convert Android YouTube to MP4, you need to utilize another application. YouTube only streams music videos and other videos for you. But, trusting one YouTube to MP4 converter Android app is hard. We don’t have many options, and there’s always a risk of security and poor performance. But, don’t worry. We can help you avoid all these issues. Read on to see the list of top 5 YouTube to MP4 video converters for android.

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube to MP4 Converter Apps for Android

Part 2. How to Download YouTube Videos MP4 on Android

Part 1. Top 5 YouTube to MP4 Converter Apps for Android

1. Snappea

Snappea is an application that helps Android users to download YouTube to MP4 without any hassle. This is so far the best YouTube MP4 downloader Android that we have come across. Let’s see why we believe this:

youtube to mp4 converter app for android

Snappea Online Downloader
  • Snappea has multiple integrations. These integrations include YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, and other platforms. If you download this YouTube to MP4 app Android, you can access media from all these platforms.
  • The app is light-weight. It doesn’t harm your phone in any manner. You can continue working on Snappea normally.
  • Snappea has two amazing features: the night mode and picture-in-picture mode. The night mode decreases eye strain, and picture-in-picture mode helps with multi-tasking.
  • The app is completely free of charge. You don’t have spent anything on purchasing the subscription.


FLVTO is an online converter. You have to visit its website form your Android phone to download MP4 files from YouTube. The platform gives you options for MP3, MP4, and AVI downloads.

3. Keepvid

Keepvid is also an online converter. You have to go to YouTube, copy the link to the video, and use it on Keepvid to download MP4 files. Here too, you get download options, such as MP3 and MP4.

4. YouTube Converter

YouTube Converter is simple to use. You can achieve the task in 3 steps:

  • Paste the YouTube link
  • Select format
  • Download

5. MPGun

MPGun helps you convert to only MP3 and MP4. This platform is easy-to-use and hassle-free for most of the users. You can visit the website to access it.

Part 2. How to Download YouTube Videos MP4 on Android

Snappea for Android is the best YouTube to MP4 converter. Read on to know how you can convert files using this app. Check the stepwise guide:

youtube to mp4 video converter for android


Step 1: Download the App

On your Android phone, open the browser which you generally use. Then, either search for Snappea for Android or visit this link.

On the website, you would get an option to download and install the APK file of Snappea. Use it to download the APK.

From your notifications bar, click on the downloaded Snappea APK. This would trigger the installation process. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can use it.

Important Note: When you can’t download this APK, you may have to turn on Unknown Apps Download on your phone. Go to your Settings for this.

youtube mp4 android

Step 2: Download YouTube MP4 Android

After installing Snappea, open the app. Here you can search media in two ways:

  1. Go to Snappea’s search bar and type a keyword. You would get results from a lot of platforms, which are integrated with the app.
  2. Go to Snappea and then go to YouTube. You would get results from only one app, YouTube.

When you get the video that you need to download, click on the Download arrow below the player. Select the resolution, format, and size of the file, and Save it.

download youtube mp4 android

All the downloaded files from Snappea for Android would be accessible in your files folder.

Snappea for Android is fabulous! It is simple and free. You can use it for unlimited downloads. Visit the website and download the app now.

updated by chengym on Aug 31, 2021

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