Are you using YouTube to MP4 Y2Mate tool for your music and media needs? Since the YouTube platform doesn’t have an option to download media to MP4 and MP3 format, users utilize another platform for YouTube download. One such widely used platform is YouTube MP4 Y2Mate. Using this website, you can paste the link to YouTube and simply download YouTube MP4 Y2Mate. However, YouTube MP4 Y2Mate is not user-friendly. The platform is slow and doesn’t have amazing features like our alternative. Let’s see how our YouTube MP4 converter Y2Mate alternative works.

Part 1. An Alternative to YouTube Converter MP4 Y2Mate

Part 2. The Difference between Y2Mate and Snappea: Which One is Better

Part 1. An Alternative to YouTube Converter MP4 Y2Mate

Snappea is an outstanding platform with intelligent features. This means that the platform is easy to use and simple to handle. Here are some features of Snappea Online Downloader:

youtube mp4 y2mate

Snappea Online Downloader
  • Snappea Online Downloader has integrated into YouTube. This means that you can download media for free from YouTube.
  • You can use the platform to download music videos in various formats, sizes, and resolutions. For example, MP4 and MP3 formats.
  • The platform is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or any charges to use any of the features of the app.
  • With Snappea, you don’t even need to go to the YouTube platform. You can directly search and view videos on the website through a keyword.
  • There is no limit on the number of videos that you can download on your phone. You can download as many YouTube files as you want.

Now, let’s see the steps to download YouTube media from Snappea:

Step 1: Open Snappea

The first step is the simplest: open the website. Here’s the link to go to the website.

Once you are on the website, you can start using the downloader to download YouTube music to MP4 format. The process only takes a few minutes.

You can use your laptop, iPhone, Mac, and phone to download media. However, for Android users, we have a Snappea application, which works best on Android phones.

Step 2: Download YouTube MP4

To download media, you need to simply paste the link in the search bar or type a keyword.

  1. You can go to your YouTube profile and search for videos. Once you have the video, copy its link, and go back to Snappea to download the video. Paste the copied link and hit search.
  2. Another way is to type the keyword on Snappea only. Hit search and wait for results. Traverse the results and find the video that you want on your phone or computer.

youtube downloader mp4 y2mate

After finding the right video, click on the Download arrow below the player. This would take you to another page, where you can select the size and resolution of the file.

youtube y2mate mp4

Part 2. The Difference between Y2Mate and Snappea: Which One is Better

There’s still a lot of confusion on which one is better: Snappea or YouTube downloader MP$ Y2Mate? Below we have explained how Snappea Online Downloader is better than Y2Mate YouTube downloader MP4. Read on to know why it is time to stop using Y2Mate YouTube MP4.

  • The Snappea platform is user-friendly. You don’t need any guidance to access the website and download MP4 and MP3 formats from it. Once you are on the website, everything is self-explanatory.
  • Snappea is faster than your Y2Mate platform. This platform would take much less to download media than Y2Mate. You can download media in minutes from Snappea.
  • It is feasible for users to directly search on Snappea. There’s no need to go to another website and find videos. This improves the experience and reduces hassle.

Snappea Online Downloader is the best platform for YouTube users. You can view YouTube from the website and download it on your phone easily. Visit the platform now to start using it.

updated by chengym on Oct 09, 2020